Book Purchasing & Selling

Book Purchasing
Once your daughter obtains her 2019-2020 schedule through PowerSchool, you're ready to purchase her books for the upcoming school year. MBS Direct has worked hard with our Mercy Staff to provide a comprehensive list of books needed for your daughter's courses.
MBS Direct offers Shop by Schedule, which enables students to enter their Mercy Student ID in order to access their entire schedule's course materials on the MBS Virtual Bookstore. This allows your daughter to add all of her course materials to her shopping cart at one time, eliminating the need to select each course individually. Shop by Course is also available using your student schedule. Feel free to experience this easy and convenient ordering method by visiting our MBS Direct Virtual Bookstore and try it out for yourself!
  • Click the "Let's Get Started" button on Mercy's Virtual Bookstore
  • Under "Shop by Schedule", enter your student ID number 
  • Confirm that you are that Mercy Girl Student - click "Continue"
  • You'll see your course materials and can select items to check out when ready!
Take advantage of digital formats and free shipping offers!
Since every Mercy girl will have an iPad to facilitate her learning, consider digital formats in lieu of a hardbound textbook. It's truly a matter of preference. We really hope students take advantage of the many digital book options available; however, please read and follow the Teacher Course Messages listed. Students may take advantage of free shipping offers of hardbound books from August 2nd through August 16th, 2019.
Contact our MBS books liaison Kelly Bickes at with book ordering questions.

Book Selling

Earn some quick money by selling your books through our book partner MBS Direct by selecting SELL YOUR BOOKS under MENU. Click here to simply log in to see how much you can get for your used books, tell us which books you want to sell, and MBS will give you a return label so you can send the books to us for free. That's right...shipping is on us!

Mercy High School, save more on your books--order today!

Visit Your School's Official Bookstore

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Earn some quick money by selling us your books. It's so easy!  1. Create a quote online  2. Ship your books (shipping's free)  3. We'll mail you a check!
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