As we work toward building a sustainable future, we offer the opportunity to name a space at Mercy. When you name a classroom, a study space or a gathering area you set it apart as something special. Something more than walls and chairs, you give it a meaning and a legacy.

Naming opportunities are available for classrooms, common areas, offices and courtyards. Funding provides unrestricted capital funding to continue to provide ongoing updates to the building and campus. Funds for campus improvement provide support to create an ideal learning atmosphere for Mercy students.
Currently, funding will support classrooms with new windows and air conditioning for an improved climate for students and teachers.
Recognition on a specific area is non-exclusive; up to four donors may have recognition on a single space. If any area is to be changed or renovated, current donors would have the first right of refusal to participate again. A one-time donation or a 3 year pledge may be made to secure your chosen area.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact the Advancement Office at 248-893-3538 or

Spaces Available for Sponsorship

Large Courtyards
Small Courtyards
Small Specialty Areas
Faculty & Staff Offices
Special Spaces  
     Media Center $100,000
     Lobby $50,000
     Reception Area $50,000
     Chapel $50,000
     Marlin Shop $50,000
     Athletic Locker Room $50,000
     Drama Studio $50,000
     Costume Shop $30,000
     Concession Stand $30,000
     Weight Training Room $30,000

The following Large Gathering Spaces are available for total renovation sponsorships: Pool, Gym and Cafeteria.

Advancement Office