Please review the following Special Fundraising Projects that we are currently working on here at Mercy. Thank you for considering your participation in these endeavors. 

1970s Class Challenge
To celebrate 75 years of Mercy, a Class Challenge is happening for the decade of the 1970s!
Do you remember bulky sweater days and Energy Fridays? Just like many of our beloved traditions, the climate at Mercy has not changed much through the years. Many Moving Up skits have joked about the need and now it is time to stop joking and invest - we are the only school among our competitors without air conditioning. Windows were replaced in south hall classrooms in summer 2020. Adding energy efficient air conditioning in summer 2021 will finally provide a comfortable learning environment for teachers and students.
Your participation in this Mercy Class Challenge will:
  • Help with an immediate need for better air circulation at Mercy
  • Ensure Mercy’s stable future in a competitive education market by improving our facility
History tells us that when Mercy girls work together, we accomplish amazing results! All funds raised through this Mercy Class Challenge will support capital improvements. We need $150,000 for this project - a gift of $15,000 per class.
We will track participation and celebrate milestones throughout the school year:
          The First Class to raise $25,000
          Classroom Named in South Hallway
          The Class to raise the most money during the 2020-2021 school year
          Plaque placed in South Hallway
          All classmates who support the Challenge will be recognized as a group in the 2020-2021 Annual Report.
We invite you to join us in support of our cherished high school - the place we grew into Women Who Make a Difference. Now it is time to give back. Please make your contribution today so we can start the project in spring 2021.
     Carla LaFave O’Malley ’70, Board of Trustee, Patricia Thull O’Brien ’70, Dona Tracey ’70
     Kathy Hattam Wisne ’71 (Kyla ’93 † & Shannon ’89)
     Ann Reno Love ’72 (Lizzy ’06, Margaret ’08, and Monica ’10)
     Carol Hackett Garagiola ’73 (Katie ’99 & Megan ’02), Sharri Wloszek Larkin ’73,
     Rosemary Ebner Pomeroy ’73, Felicia Sawicki Kurz ’73
     Annette Tedesco Rowe ’74
     Susan Winkler Rokosz ’75
     Margaret Dimond ’76, Board of Trustee
     Rita Dilworth Lewry ’77 (Casey ’15)
     Colette Grix Rizik ’78 (Katherine ’15)
     Anne Nichols ’79, Colleen Broderick McClorey ’79
P.S. Individual room naming opportunities available. Contact the Office of Advancement at 248-893-3538 or with any questions.
DEI Giving Circle
You are a vital member of the Mercy community and, with your help, we can create a place for our young women to thrive. You are invited to join us as we strive to create a More Just Mercy. 
What is the DEI Giving Circle?
Members of the Mercy community who have chosen to come together and give their financial support to diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at Mercy High School. 
What is the Impact of the Mercy Giving Circle?
In addition to supporting the collective mission and objectives of the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) Director, Board Task Force, and Mercy CORE, the DEI Giving Circle supports:
  • Mercy Chapter of Pretty Brown Girl (24 members)
  • Parent DEI Training
  • Staff DEI Training
  • Stipends/travel for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion speakers
  • Virtual/in person community building engagement opportunities
How Can I Participate?
In this inaugural year, the DEI Giving Circle is open to anyone who makes a gift or one year pledge of $250 or more, and designates their gift for DEI purposes at the school. This is an annual renewable opportunity and, with the support of at least 125 Mercy community members, all areas of impact listed above can be achieved.
How Will Members Be Involved?
The Giving Circle will meet in the Spring of 2021 to receive an update on membership, fund total and fund distribution.
Naming Opportunities Campaign for Capital Projects

Funds for campus improvement provide support to create an ideal learning atmosphere for Mercy students. Recognition opportunities are available for classrooms, common areas and courtyards. Funding provides unrestricted capital funding to continue to provide ongoing updates to the building and campus. Presently, funding will support classrooms with new windows and air conditioning for an improved climate for students and teachers

Visit our dedicated Naming Opportunities Campaign Page for more Information.

Score Keepers Table Digital Advertising Opportunities
Premier digital display on Mercy High School's indoor scorekeeper's table- message tailored by your company.
Packages range from $5,000 - $500. Click here for all the information.
Contact Jen Stark or Maureen Stirling at for more information.
Advancement Office