iPad Student Devices and More

At Mercy, we use technology with the intent to lead, inspire, create and communicate. Students powerfully take ownership of their learning through innovative tools that enable collaboration with teachers, peers and other community members. This seamless infusion of technology embodies best educational practices and contributes to the academic success of our students.

  • All teachers are Apple Teacher certified and are equipped with an iPad and a MacBook. Apple TVs are deployed to all classrooms to facilitate screen sharing and view instructional video content.
  • Our teachers use Apple Classroom for classroom management and collaboration.
  • All students utilize an iPad with powerful Apps including iMovie, Keynote, Pages, Notability and more.
  • Instructional resources, paperless grading and collaborative editing tools are available through our Learning Management System (LMS) called Schoology.
  • Real time grades and attendance information is available to our families through our Student Management System (SMS) called PowerSchool.
  • Our students and staff have access to a wide variety of robust software tools such as Apple (Pages, Keynote, FinalCut), G-Suite (Google Docs, Slides, etc), Microsoft Office 365 and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.
  • Freshwomen take the iExplore course where they learn multimedia skills with a focus on STEM. Other advanced technology courses offered include: Photography, Film & Animation, Video Production, Digital Graphics, Introduction to Engineering, and Computer Science.
  • Students have the opportunity to be technology teachers and program innovators through the iPad student tech team called the iWizards and the Riveters FIRST Robotics Team.
  • On campus amenities include three computer labs (Mac and Windows), Digital MakerSpace Room, 3-D Printers, Collaborative Corner.
  • Our I.T. Department and Support Staff are on site and available every school day.

I.T. Department Staff

Tom James
Christopher Janusch