Mercy High School’s Four-Year Retreat Program

Pastoral Ministry offers a four-year retreat program. We offer a different retreat for each grade level with the hope that after four years the students will have a better understanding of herself, her relationship with others, and most especially her relationship with God. The following is a brief summary of the retreats.

“The Specific aim of catechesis is to develop, with God’s help initial faith… and to nourish day by day the Christian life of the faithful…” - Pope John Paul II on Cathechesis in Our Time

Freshwomen Retreat

The entire freshman class joins together for a required retreat held on a half-day in October while the sophomore and junior classes are testing. Apex Ministry brings to life the Gospels through juggling and laughing. Throughout the presentation the freshmen have the opportunity to begin to look at how they might use their gifts and talents for the greater glory of God.

Sophomore Retreat

This is a high energy retreat facilitated by a team of young adults from NET Ministries based out of St. Paul, MN.  The goal of the retreat is to help young people understand God’s love for them, to offer faith of the team members as a witness to our sophomores that faith in God is a desirable, acceptable, and exciting part of their lives, and to encourage them to grow in their commitment to God.  The theme of the day retreat is selected each time and two one-day retreats are offered each year.

Junior Retreat

About 36 students, 3 times a year, can “see through eyes of faith-finding God in all things” on the junior over-night retreat. On this retreat the students embark on a journey to find God in all things. Through large and small group discussions, silent reflection, speakers, journal writing, creative art expression, Mass, Reconciliation, silence, prayer and various other activities the students come to realize how God is revealed through their experiences. Through meditations and fun stories, students also begin to learn about their calling and how we should follow God.

All Junior retreat participants must have the following forms completed and signed by parent/guardian:

  • Medical Treatment Form Juniors
  • Permissions and Behavior Form Juniors

Senior Retreat

The culmination of the retreat program at Mercy is the KAIROS retreat that is offered three times a year.  Over the three and a half day period the students have the opportunity to deepen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  This process is done through prayer, reflecting on how God is at work in one’s life experiences, small group discussion and the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. This student led retreat offers an opportunity to deepen their relationship with God and others.

Mercy holds their overnight retreats (Junior and Senior Kairos) at Colombiere Retreat Center, 9075 Big Lake Road, Clarkston, MI. If you have any questions about the Campus Ministry Department at Mercy High School, please feel free to contact Mrs. Judi Dennis at 248-893-3588 or