Beginning in March, Counselors will meet with students individually to discuss and confirm course selections for the next school year. Students will be assigned a specific appointment time. Registration directions for each class will be posted second semester.


Mercy High School is a college preparatory school and thus strongly suggests that students plan their course of studies carefully. A total of 24 credits and 8 semesters of full enrollment (6 classes per semester) are required for graduation. One semester course earns .5 credit. A single course may not be used to fulfill a dual credit.

These 24 credits include:

  • 4 credits English
  • 3 credits Social Studies include:
Two semesters of World History
One semester of American Government
Two semesters of American History
One semester of Economics
  • 4 credits Mathematics include:
Two semesters of Algebra I
Two semesters of Geometry
Two semesters of Algebra II  
Two semesters of Additional Math or Math-Related Elective (one semester senior year)
  • 3 credits Laboratory Science include:
Two semesters of Biology
Two semesters of Chemistry or Physics
  • 2 credits of one World Language
  • 3.5 credits Religious Studies
  • 1 credit Visual, Performing and Applied Arts
  •  .5 credit iExplore (Classes of 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026)
  •  .5 credit Speech
  •  .5 credit Physical Education/Swim
  •  .5 credit Health
  •  1.5 credits Electives (2 credits Electives beginning Class of 2027)


All students must complete a minimum of 40 community service hours.

Hear from current and former students who discuss the benefits of a Mercy education and the excellence of the Science Department!