Mercy High School Counseling Department Vision Statement

The Mercy High School Counseling Department strives to provide a safe and encouraging environment that celebrates and supports each student’s individual gifts, goals, and growth. This department recognizes the potential in every child and envisions a promising future for all Mercy students; filled with academic and professional achievement, meaningful personal development, and emotional well-being.

Mercy High School Counseling Department Mission Statement

The Mercy High School Counseling Department aims to provide academic and curricular guidance; personal, social, and emotional support, and post-secondary exploration and planning services. Counselors provide classroom and whole-class presentations, individual student support, and offer group counseling through our CHAT (Caring Helping Acting Talking) program. In addition to pre-scheduled meetings and presentations, Counselors are available to students by appointment and will service walk-ins when available. We strive to provide a safe and supportive space for all Mercy students; free of judgement, bias, or assumption.

Mercy Counselors value collaboration with parents and guardians and welcome such student centered communication. Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to make an appointment if requesting to meet a Counselor remotely or in person. Information shared with Mercy Counselors, by students, remains confidential unless a student shares that they intend to harm themself, intend to harm someone else, or that someone is harming them.

Mercy High School Counseling Office
29300 W Eleven Mile Rd
Farmington Hills, MI 48336
Telephone: 248-476-8020
Fax: 248-476-3691
High School Code: 231-005
Counseling Office Staff
Name/Email Grades Ext
Trish Brown
Department Chair
9th Grade
Holly Markiecki-Bennetts 10th-12th (A-G) 1513
10th - 12th (H-O) 1517
10th - 12th (P-Z) 1526
Tosha Willis Counseling Support Specialist 1541