2022-23 Mercy HS Tuition Information

Please note the tuition information listed below reflects this current school year 2022-23.

Tuition = $14,910 (Second daughter $14,410) 

Tuition does not cover iPad, books and/or course fees or uniform.

Due at Registration (All registration must be completed by March 31):

  • $850 Non-Refundable Deposit (9th-11th Grade). This deposit consists of a $500 tuition deposit, $250 activity fee, and $100 registration fee.

  • Activity Fee includes: Technology enhancement and support, a portion of student retreats, school newspaper Newsprint, ID Card, some testing and media materials, student activities and most Course Fees with some exceptions.

It is important to note that the tuition does not fully cover the cost per student incurred by the school. Activities of the school, Advancement Office and fundraising are expected to make up the difference, allowing us to keep tuition as low as possible.