Council On Racial Equity

Mercy Council On Racial Equity 

Mercy CORE Mission

The Council’s mission is to build awareness, solutions and leadership for anti-racist, anti-biased structures, policies and practices at Mercy High School. We will work with the school and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer to identify systemic racism within the community, analyze the specific barriers to change, and dismantle the structures within the institution that perpetuate racism.

Mercy CORE Vision

We imagine a future without systemic racism that empowers all members of the Mercy community to maximize their individual potential in an inclusive, anti-racist and anti-oppressive environment.

Mercy CORE Steering Committee Members

After careful consideration, we are pleased to announce the members of the Mercy CORE (Council on Racial Equity) Steering Committee. We asked you, our Mercy Community, to be involved and the response exceeded our expectations. Thank you to all the extraordinary applicants and congratulations to the 2020-21 CORE Steering Committee members!

Member Name Grad Year / Mercy Affiliation Subcommittee
Lauren Babb 2010 Athletics
Lauren Boumaroun 2005 Curriculum
Leigh Chandler Coleman Parent of 2020, 2022 Arts
Valerie Colbert-Osamuede 1980 Recruitment & Retention
Jehan Crump-Gibson 2001 Policy
Adelia Davis 2013 Mentorship
Dr. Maria M. Dean 1987 Chair Lead
ThedaMarie Gibbs Grey 1998 Curriculum
Kyle Gomez  2003 Support Services
Satyra Johnson Parent of 2024 Recruitment & Retention
Koyonne Mims 2003 Support Services
Saveri Nandigama 2017 Mercy Life
Lauren Nobles 2007 Recruitment & Retention
Barika Pace 1994 Mentorship
Nia Philpot Mercy Ambassador Training
India Shepherd Parent of 2022, 2024 Arts
Taryn Smith-O'Neil 2007 Communications
Jennifer Snowden 1998 Mentorship
Shema Spivey Parent of 2022 Athletics
Anjali Thakur-Mittal 1995 Policy
Kimberly Trinca 1989 Training
Aisa Villarosa 2004 Policy
Kathleen Walker Parent of 2022 Recruitment & Retention
Keisha Williams Parent of 2021 Mercy Life
Sommer Woods 1995 Chair Lead

There are eleven (11) focus area Subcommittees:

  1. Handbook & Code of Conduct, Teacher Disciplinary Plan, Social Media and Policy
  2. Curriculum
  3. Training
  4. Recruitment & Retention of Black Students
  5. Recruitment & Retention of Black Teachers
  6. Athletics
  7. Mentorship
  8. Visual & Fine Arts Activities
  9. Communication (Internal & External)
  10. Student Support (Counseling & Mental Health) 
  11. Mercy Life

Steering Committee Members of the Council will be expected to Co-Chair one area of focus Subcommittee and provide a recommendation report. The Council Chairs will be responsible to recruit and manage Subcommittee members to execute the project plans. The scope of each Subcommittee will be outlined by Council Chairs. In order to create a comprehensive report, Chairs may have to meet with Administration, faculty, staff, students and/or parents.

Mercy CORE Kick-Off Timeline

The timeline is aggressive in order to begin providing recommendations prior to the 2020-21 school year. Stay connected! The CORE Steering Committee will update meeting dates soon to align with the timeline. 

  • June 19: Application Published
  • July 6: Application Due
  • July 7 - July 9: Application Review
  • July 10 - July 15: Applicant Interviews
  • July 17: Selected Members will be notified
  • July 20: List of Members released to Mercy Community
  • July 25: Mercy CORE Planning Meeting
  • TBD: Mercy CORE Parent Meeting
  • TBD: Mercy CORE Meeting with Freshwoman Class
  • TBD: Mercy CORE Meeting with Sophomore Class
  • TBD: Mercy CORE Meeting with Junior Class
  • TBD: Mercy CORE Meeting with Senior Class
  • August: Mercy CORE Subcommittee Application

Mercy CORE Subcommittee Application

The Subcommittee Application will be published soon and more information is forthcoming. 

Mercy CORE Contact Info