Mercy High School Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

A hallmark of a Mercy education is the development of a strong voice used to support the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy: Earth; Immigration; Nonviolence; Racism; Women. Mercy High School is committed to ensuring all students experience an education that reflects the Mercy values of Human Dignity, Mercy, Justice, Service and Option for the Poor in an environment free of racism and social injustices. Every Mercy girl should feel welcome and that Mercy is her home.

READ THE NOVEMBER MERCY DEI DIGEST HERE! Features include: Welcome from Mrs. Smith; Sisters of Mercy Commitment to Anti-Racism; DEI Update; Black Catholic History Month; Including Native Americans in Curriculum; Norms for Having Difficult Conversations; and DEI Book Recommendations.

By Clare Jones '21

The following committees and actions have been initiated and in progress to create a just and equitable environment for all students.

Mercy High School Statement Against Racism

Mercy High School supports the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy, including our belief that racism is an evil affecting us all. We work to recognize and dismantle racism in order to become an anti-racist multicultural community. Mercy High School is committed to establishing and sustaining an equitable, fair, and just community that ensures student wellness, safety, and educational success regardless of their race, ethnicity, or zip code. Mercy High School rejects all forms of racism as destructive to their mission, vision, values, and goals. Racism will not be tolerated in the school campus, physical and online communities. Alleged violations of this policy will be investigated with due care and, if confirmed, may be met with serious consequences. Through the conduct of school staff and administrators, school policies, curriculum, extra-curricular activities, student support services, and parent/guardian involvement organizations, Mercy will cultivate a greater understanding of the concepts of diversity, inclusion, intersectionality, equity, implicit bias, xenophobia, white privilege, white supremacy, systemic racism, and anti-racism.

Mercy High School Board of Trustees Racial Equity Task Force Mission

The Board Equity Task Force serves with Mercy High School Administration and CORE (Council on Racial Equity) to establish policies, practices and structures that create and foster an anti-racist and anti-biased learning environment for all students. We will welcome and engage community members in the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy Critical Concerns to recognize, address and eliminate racism while strengthening communication and inclusivity.

Mercy CORE (Council on Racial Equity) 

CORE Mission: The Council’s mission is to build awareness, solutions and leadership for anti-racist, anti-biased structures, policies and practices at Mercy High School. We will work with the school and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer to identify systemic racism within the community, analyze the specific barriers to change, and dismantle the structures within the institution that perpetuate racism.

CORE Vision: We imagine a future without systemic racism that empowers all members of the Mercy community to maximize their individual potential in an inclusive, anti-racist and anti-oppressive environment.

CORE Members & Subcommittees

Mercy DEI Action Plan Timeline  

  • June 3: Virtual Prayer Service to Unite Against Racial Injustice hosted by Mercy Campus Ministry
  • June 4: Virtual Student Round-table Discussion and Reflection: Processing the Current Incidents of Racial Injustice led by DEI Consultant and Administration
  • June 8: Creating A More Just Mercy Community Webinar led by DEI Consultant and Administration
  • June 10: Board of Trustees Racial Equity Task Force formed and Co-Chairs identified
  • June 11: Virtual Alumnae Forum hosted by Black Alumnae & Mercy Director of Alumnae Relations
  • June 15: Board of Trustees Special Meeting – Alumnae Forum issues and concerns reviewed
  • June 16: Administration follow-up discussion to June 4 Student Round-table with members of Class of 2020 and Class of 2021
  • June 19: Mercy Council on Racial Equity (CORE) Mission & Vision Statement announced and application released for CORE Steering Committee 
  • July 1: DEI Director Position posted through July 31
  • July 6: CORE application due date 
  • July 15: Board of Trustees Meeting – Racial Equity Governance Structure discussed and accepted
  • July 17: Calvin Terrell intake and assessment of Mercy High School regarding racism with Administration 
  • July 21: CORE Steering Committee Members announced
  • July 28: Board of Trustees Racial Equity Task Force meeting - Priorities: Mission; Communication & Accountability; Cultural Proficiency and Anti-Racism Policies
  • July 29: CORE kick-off planning meeting 
  • July 31: DEI Director selection process begins with 160+ applications reviewed
  • August 7–14: DEI Director 12 applicants interviewed by Students, Teachers, Alumnae, Board Members, CORE and Administration
  • August 14: Administration & CORE finalized Mercy Statement Against Racism
  • August 17: DEI Director accepted position 
  • August 20: Mercy Statement Against Racism presented and accepted by Board of Trustees Racial Equity Task Force
  • August 24: CORE Subcommittee Chairs assignment meeting 
  • August 31: Director of DEI Traci Smith reports to Mercy
  • September 1: DEI Action Plan Update communication sent to Mercy community members
  • September 9: All Mercy Staff DEI training with Calvin Terrell
  • October 7: Board of Trustees DEI training with Calvin Terrell and Board Retreat
  • October 8: Communication from Administration RE: Club Messaging
  • October TBD: Mercy Education System of the Americas (MESA) virtual training on racism for select Board Members, Staff and Administrators 
  • February 22-23, 2021: MESA, Head of School, and Board President session on racism
  • March TBD 2021: MESA Stewardship Review of Mercy High School for select Board Members, Staff and Administrators with focus on racism

Mercy High School Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion