All families must be sure all required forms, physical and immunization records for incoming students are submitted on FinalForms and your student(s) billing account (including iPad and tuition) is current in order to access Mercy student email, course schedules and book purchasing.

Blackbaud Tuition Management

Your student(s) billing account (including iPad and tuition) must be current in order to access Mercy student email, course schedules and book purchasing. If you have questions regarding your daughter's Student Billing account, please login to your Blackbaud Tuition Management account or contact Laura Weller at 248-893-3546 in the Business Office on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 9am and 2pm.

Required School Forms using FinalForms Online Student Database

As you may recall, Mercy utilizes FinalForms for required student record information. FinalForms allows you to electronically complete and sign enrollment, back-to-school, and athletic participation forms for your daughter(s).

Health Requirements

All incoming 9th graders, transfer students, athletes, and students taking a Physical Education class, will need a current physical along with a complete FinalForms Profile. All students new to Mercy must also be compliant with immunization requirements.

For the 2023-24 school year, you will need a physical performed on/after 4/15/2023. Please upload to FinalForms or scan and email to

Athlete Info

  • All Athletes are required to have completed the FinalForms Profile.

  • Registration is required to try-out.

  • There are specific MHSAA physical guidelines as outlined above. 

  • Try-out times will be on the Athletic Calendar and Team Pages as available. Please be prepared to attend all try-out sessions.

  • Practices begin as soon as try-outs are completed, please be aware of this when scheduling vacations/events.

  • Stay tuned for specific sport team updates sent via FinalForms/Eventlink.

Medication Release Forms

Students are not permitted to have any medication in their possession, including over the counter/non-prescription medication. A release for dispensing of medication form must be on file in order for the school to administer any prescription medication and a release for dispensing over the counter medication form must be on file in order for the school to administer Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen. Both are found on FinalForms.

Immunization Records (Any incoming 9th grader, transfer/new student)

Bus Service

Mercy Bus Transportation Service information, routes, payment plans and purchase will be posted soon.

Please visit for all bus service information. If you have any bus service questions, contact Kate Scalzi at or 248-476-8020 ext. 1510. 

Carpool Directory

The directory for Mercy HS carpool interest was emailed directly to all families. Email if you have any changes or do not wish to be included. Please note this is not a full student directory, as some families requested to opt out of this carpool list.

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