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Graduation Video

The graduation ceremony is being shared via Vimeo and Dropbox, which will allow you and your family to view the video on any device and download it to make a copy on any format you would like for your own personal use. Listed below are step-by-step instructions on how to access, view, download and save.

For Vimeo:

For Dropbox:

Please enjoy and keep in mind the expiration dates of each link. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the senior moderators at

Professional Lifetouch Graduate Photos

Please reference information from Lifetouch Photography for how to access your professional graduation photos.

Even though the day is over, the memories are just beginning! Use the link below to access your image gallery.

Event date: June 4, 2023.


Text access code 34454GY23 to 90738 or visit and enter the access code to get started.

Mercy Google Accounts Expire August 1
Please be aware that on or about August 1, 2023 your Mercy Google account and your Mercy managed iCloud/Apple ID will be deactivated. This means all email and any files you have uploaded to your Mercy Google drive or to your school iCloud account will no longer be accessible. Once you graduate you own your school assigned iPad. If you want to remove all Mercy settings and configuration profiles off of your iPad we would recommend erasing your iPad and setting it up as a new iPad following the steps outlined here. Please note, you will have to wait until after August 1st to do this. 
Also, please be aware that if you have created any accounts on other sites or cloud based services (Dropbox, Box, Instagram, etc.) using your Mercy email address you will have to change those accounts to use a personal email address instead before August 1st.

Here is what you need to do to save your data from each account:

  • Google Workspace - If you wish to transfer any of your content saved to your Mercy Google Workspace account here is a link to Google Takeout which will allow you to download a copy of most of your content and upload it to a personal Google account. This process can take some time. I would recommend starting this prior to August 1st.
  • Apple iCloud - You can download a copy of your Files and Photos that are associated with your school managed Apple ID by going to and downloading a copy of your data. Or you can use the  Google Photos app or Google Drive app signed into personal accounts to also save your iCloud data.
  • Notability - The easiest way to save all of your files from Notability is outlined below:
  1. Open Notability
  2. Press the gear icon in the lower left corner 
  3. Press auto-backup
  4. Choose a service to backup to and sign in with a personal account (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box)
  5. If auto-backup is already turned on and you have been backing up to your school Google account already then you will have your Notability data if you saved your Google data using Google takeout. 


June 1: Mandatory Graduation Practice

Detroit Opera House (1526 Broadway St, Detroit 48226)
Arrival: 9:45am
  • Graduation practice is mandatory. If a student is not present, they will not be allowed to participate in the Graduation ceremony.
  • Parking is located at the Detroit Opera House Parking Center at 1426 Broadway Street and Graduates should enter the garage at the John R Gate. Mercy will pay for the parking and Graduates must take a ticket when they enter to receive validation.
  • Graduates are asked to please dress appropriately and bring the dress shoes to be worn at Graduation.
  • To avoid conflicts, please do not make appointments until after 1pm. We may run over the scheduled time, and all Graduates must stay until practice is completed.
  • All Graduation gowns must be approved by rehearsal in order to participate in the Graduation ceremony. If you haven't already done so, you will be contacted to please bring the dress to the Advancement Office or send a picture of the front and back of the dress, or a picture of you wearing the dress to or
June 4: Graduation Ceremony
Detroit Opera House (1526 Broadway St, Detroit 48226)
Graduate Arrival: 1:15pm
Doors Open for Guests: 1:30pm
Ceremony: 2:00pm
  • Graduates are asked to please check their Mercy email for last minute updates and instructions.
  • We kindly ask you allow extra time for travel, traffic and arrival. The Opera House assures us that the Grand Prix will not affect parking or traffic flow around the Opera House. They have the Detroit Opera House Parking Center (1426 Broadway Street) designated for Mercy and guests should use the John R Gate Entrance. Please note the parking fee is $20 per vehicle and payable by credit card only.
  • A ticket is required for entry at the Graduation Ceremony and each graduate receives eight tickets. If you haven't already done so, please pick up your graduation tickets at the Reception Area by Wednesday, 5/31.
  • Graduates must be at the venue by 1:00pm and will enter through the stage/security doors off Madison. Doors on either side of the Detroit Opera House will be open at 1:30pm for family and guests to enter the building. Seating will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • You will find the graduation seating chart here in order for you to best plan your seating choice and meeting location following the ceremony.
  • Valedictorian, Salutatorian and Student Government members will sit on the stage.
  • To preserve the dignity of the event and due to the lack of security backstage, Graduates should please leave their cell phones and personal belongings with a family member. 
  • The ceremony will be recorded and livestreamed. The livestream link is coming soon and will be posted on Each Graduate will receive an individual Vimeo link to download and save the ceremony recording.
  • Special Reminder - Please note we respectfully request your assistance to ensure the dignity of our ceremony. Each Graduate will have a final reflection read aloud upon receiving her diploma. In order to give every outstanding Graduate the respect deserved, we kindly request all applause be held until the end of the ceremony and guests refrain from cheering while Graduates cross the stage. Thank you for your part in making this celebration special and beautiful for our Graduates!
June 4: Senior All Night Party
Mercy High School

10:00pm - 5:00am (Must arrive by 11:00pm)


Event Info

Please note Seniors must arrive by 11:00pm and will not be allowed to keep their phones on them the night of the party in order to keep a 'present' environment. If you need to reach someone, you can contact one of the Co-Chairs listed below. We kindly ask they also come dressed for the party as no additional bags will be allowed. Everything will be checked upon arrival. The 'lock-in' will end and the girls are dismissed at 5:00am. For their safety after an entire night of having NO sleep, we strongly urge you to make arrangements to drive your daughter home...thank you!

Sponsorship & Donations Needed

We are creating a fun-filled overnight party with plenty of surprises and activities including music, dancing, games, entertainment, some pampering time, and of course, lots of food. To make this a successful night for your daughter and her classmates, we need your help! Please consider making a contribution or lending a hand as a volunteer for the event.

Contact a Senior All Night Party Co-Chair with questions: Katy Jallad: / (m) 248-840-4558; Leslie Ahmad: / (m) 248-961-4484


Keepsake Order Form

Extra Graduation Ticket Request Form

Graduation Seating Chart

Graduation Gown Approval
In order to participate in the graduation ceremony, every student must have her white graduation gown approved by Dr. Kreger or her assistant, Mrs. Wojcik. Graduation gown requirement letter found here. Please bring the dress to the Advancement Office or send a picture of the front and back of the dress, or a picture of you wearing the dress to or
Adopt a Seat
Leave a legacy for your graduate! For a minimum contribution of $200, you can Adopt a Seat in your graduate’s honor in Mercy's Auditorium. For further info or to Adopt a Seat, click here or contact the Advancement Office at
Two marvelous Mercy Cafe Staff are available for your graduation party needs.


2023 Class Officer Board: Allison Flynn, Olivia Gray, Jenna Jallad, Maddie Morgan, Tess Neumann
Senior Moderators Angela Harris and Brandi Lavely:

Dean of Student Affairs Eleasha Tarplin:

Associate Principal: