Cafeteria Menu

CAFE INCENTIVE TIME now through September 11, 2020! Learn more here.
Please take a moment to read the following guidelines on using the cafeteria this 2020-21 school year.
How do I purchase lunch from the Cafeteria?  
  • The Mercy Cafe has been split into 2 identical cafeterias. 
  • Both cafeteria sides will serve EXACTLY THE SAME ITEMS, so you only need to go to one side
  • Purchase your lunch items prior to 4th hour before school or during passing time
  • Lunch time will be after 4th hour, in your 4th hour classroom 
  • The cafeteria will be open during the following times
    • Before school from 7:30am - 8:00am
    • During passing time between 1st/2nd hour, 2nd/3rd hour, 3rd/4th hour
  • The cafeteria will be closed from 4th hour to the end of the day
  • One side of the cafeteria will open from 2:35pm - 2:50 for after school snacks
What are my payment options this year? 
  • For a touchless experience, please consider loading money to your ID card amount. - see attached information regarding this process
  • Will continue to accept cash
  • Incentives are offered 2 times a year - see attached information 
  • LOADING CARDS - ID cards will be loaded BEFORE and AFTER school only.  
  • Please write your ID number on any checks or envelopes you bring in
What are the lunch options this year from the cafeteria?
  • All items will be cold, pre-packaged grab and go meals consisting of sandwiches, salads, and grain bowls on a rotating schedule.  The menu can be found on the Mercy Website. 
  • Vegetarian options will be available for main entree of the day
  • Beverages and Snacks will also be available
  • Items that are not available at this time include: Soup, Salad Bar, Ice Cream, Slushies, Coffee/Cappuccino, Pizza/Bosco/Pretzels, and Breakfast items
  • Also not available at this time: Use of Ice/Water machine in the cafeteria or use of microwaves
How Do I Navigate the Cafeteria?
  • Each cafeteria side will have a designated ENTER and EXIT door.  Enter through the correct doorway depending on which hallway you are coming from
  • Wait patiently in line, using the floor signs to social distance 6 feet apart
  • Have your loaded ID card or cash ready for quick check out 
  • When it's your turn to grab your lunch items, please be quick but do not crowd the person in front of you, maintain your social distance
  • Continue to the register to pay for your food.  
  • Silverware, napkins and lunch sacs will be available next to the register
  • Exit quickly following the arrow signs
What if I was unable to get lunch before 4th Hour?
  1. Please inform your 4th hour teacher that you were not able to make it to the cafeteria and have nothing for lunch. Arrangements can then be made.