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ACT Information: The official website for information on the ACT test and where to register online. It also includes information on test preparation and test questions, as well as information on college searches and applications.


Non-College Transcript Request Form - Transcripts for scholarships, summer programs, clubs/organizations, and internships. Not to be used for college applications.

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Mercy High School Counseling Department Vision Statement

The Mercy High School Counseling Department strives to provide a safe and encouraging environment that celebrates and supports each student’s individual gifts, goals, and growth. This department recognizes the potential in every child and envisions a promising future for all Mercy students; filled with academic and professional achievement, meaningful personal development, and emotional well-being.

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Summer Programs For College Credit and/or Enrichment

Mercy High School receives information throughout the year regarding various summer programs, classes and camps. Many of them are for enrichment and some also offer college credits. Most programs have spring deadlines but all information and applications should be available online through the programs.

College Application Presentation 2020-21

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