The Mercy Ski Team competed in the Mt. Brighton High School Ski Association Championships. The championship pitted Mercy against tough competition from every team they competed against throughout the regular season. Mercy placed third with 107 points, behind Brighton (66) and Bimingham (87). In Slalom, Mercy was led by Junior Mikaela Williams, who finished fourth overall. Mikaela was supported by Hatcher (6), Koehler (21), and Crane (28). In GS, Mercy was led by Senior Sadie MillerWright, who took 2nd overall. Sadie was accompanied by Wiliams (7), Hatcher (11), and Koehler (28). These ladies overcame tough ski conditions and worked together to rebound from a tough morning slalom session.

The championship also determined the final standings for the entire season for both teams and individuals. Mercy placed 2nd overall on the season in terms of best finishes - behind the Brighton Ski Team. On the individual side, Junior Alaina Hatcher took 9th overall, Senior Sadie MillerWright took 6th overall, and Junior Mikaela Williams took 2nd overall. These three ladies received ALL-LEAGUE Honors for their achievements.

Mercy will compete in the Region 3 Regional championship Thursday, 2/17, where they look to place in the top three teams and advance to the State Finals at Boyne Mountain on 2/28.