2018-19 Mercy Varsity Dance Team Tryouts!

2018-19 Dance Information

Parent Meeting: TBA

Mon- 5/14/2018- 6-9 pm- Practice Day 1: Jazz

Wed- 5/16/2018- 6-9 pm- Practice Day 2:  Hip Hop

Fri- 5/18/2018- 6-9 pm- Auditions


What to wear:

For Practice Days: Tennis shoes (make sure they will not scuff floor), Jazz shoes, dance apparel, and hair neatly pulled back. Returners, please refrain from wearing any clothing that may indicate you have already been on the team. i.e. Mercy Dance clothes, shoes, etc. We do not want judges or incoming girls to know who has, or has not, already been on the team.

For Tryouts: Please wear all black dance apparel, non-scuff tennis shoes, and bring Jazz shoes. Hair should be neatly pulled back into a bun. Please do not wear any jewelry.

What to bring:
Your liability waiver, your tryout form, a water bottle, hair tie, and shoes.