MVDT @ Great Lakes Dance Championship: 11/9/2019 Results

From Coach Brittany:

Our first competition took place at Lake Orion High School on November 9th, 2019 in the Universal Dance Association Great Lakes Dance Championship. This competition is made up of 3 categories and about 20 different schools and it was the first time MVDT got to perform both our jazz and hip-hop routines for the first time this year. Our routines were executed with grace and professionalism and they were able to place in each category receiving 9th in jazz and 5th in hip-hop, just following the nationally ranked Northville High School Varsity Dance Team.

Following the competition, MVDT parents were approached by families expressing how good Mercy looks this year. We are humbled by their kind words and our placement. This competition was a great test for our season and we cannot wait for competition #2. 

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