PowerSchool Policy

Mercy Parents/Guardians:
Last fall, Mercy High School engaged the Christian Learning Center (CLC) Network to conduct a site study to examine the education support systems available at Mercy High School. The study included questionnaires, interviews and observations.  
One of the findings of the study, from student requests, indicated that electronic systems at Mercy seemed to increase anxiety and stress levels and affect students' concentration during school hours. Students and parents reported checking PowerSchool several times a day, more so just after a test or quiz. This constant checking not only decreases attention but also increases focus on a grade rather than overall learning.  
The recommendation from the CLC Network was to investigate ways to limit the availability to PowerSchool during school hours. With input from all teachers, Mercy's Administration and Curriculum Council approved turning PowerSchool off during the school day. Beginning Tuesday, October 8, PowerSchool will be disabled for students and parents from 7:30am - 3:00pm each school day. This will not affect Schoology access.  
Thank you for your support of this policy that is intended to promote a healthy learning environment for all Mercy students. 
Mercy Administration