Admissions Policy


Mercy High School admits only female students. Mercy accepts students of various religious beliefs, races and nationalities. An admission criterion for all families is the understanding and acceptance of the fact that Mercy is Catholic in philosophy and practice.

Criteria for registering a student include:

  • standardized test scores
  • previous grades
  • previous conduct of student with regard to schools, personnel, or students
  • recommendation of previous teachers, school administration, counselors, etc.
  • ability of Mercy to offer appropriate programming to meet the needs of the student
  • completed Enrollment Agreement
  • meeting all Public Health Department criteria
  • any other factor which may be significant in influencing the educational progress of the student


  1. Submit Prospective Student Form
  2. Attend Open House
  3. Take the High School Placement Test
  4. Schedule a shadow day to experience a typical day at Mercy