Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Mercy Dads Club Executive Board invites you to participate in the Strong Arms of Mercy Initiative.

Yearly Scholarships

Awarded to students under the discretion of the Mercy Tuition Assistance Program.

MDC Endowment

Creation of a $1000 annual scholarship.

Emergency Fund

Supporting a student or family when circumstance warrants the need for the support of Strong Arms.

For Today - The Dads Club annually allocates a portion of the funds they raise throughout the year to current scholarships. The current scholarships are decided upon annually by the administration of MHS.

For Tomorrow - The Dads Club annually allocates a portion of the funds they raise throughout the year to the MDC Scholarship Endowment Fund. The Scholarship Endowment Fund also accepts contributions from membership. The goal of the Scholarship Endowment Fund is the preservation of the contributions to the fund with the intent to provide scholarships as the earnings of the fund allow. The endowment fund scholarships are decided upon by the administration of MHS. The Scholarship Endowment Fund can accept pledges to be paid over time or one-time contributions.

Scholarship Endowment Fund

Fiscal Year Annual Scholarships Funded Dads Club Donations Membership Donations
2015-2016 $1,450 $2,775 $3,225
2016-2017     $1,000
2017-2018     $6,500

Total Contributions $1,450 $2,775 $10,725

Thank you to our membership donors!

$25,000 and over                                         
$10,000 and over                                         
$5,000 and over
Thomas G. Pegler, CPA (Sarah 2018)                                           
$2,500 and over
Aaron Sikora (Elise 2020)
Michael Garvin (Greer 2016)   
$1,000 and over                                                                    
Under $1,000                                    
Under $500                                       
Under $100                                                               
The MDC Strong Arms of Mercy Scholarship Endowment Fund accepts contributions at any level. All contributions ensure the success and viability of the Fund. You may make a one-time contribution or make a pledge to be paid over a four or five year period. If you would like to discuss making a pledge please feel free to contact Jennifer Stark and Maureen Weiss in the Mercy High School Advancement Office at or call 248.893.3538 or Mercy Dads Club Treasurer Thomas Pegler at
Click here to make a donation. Under donation fund, please check other and designate "Strong Arms of Mercy."