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Attendance Office: 248-476-2222

Mercy Mission

Mercy High School, a Catholic college preparatory school immersed in the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy, educates and inspires young women of diverse backgrounds to lead and serve with compassion.

The Mercy Community
Mercy High School is a Catholic college preparatory school for young women. The Mercy tradition began in 1945 when the Sisters of Mercy opened Our Lady of Mercy High School at Outer Drive and Southfield Roads in Detroit. In 1965, Mercy High School moved to a larger facility at the northeast corner of 11 Mile and Middlebelt Roads in Farmington Hills. Throughout its 74 years as an exemplary high school, over 15,000 students have graduated from Mercy.

Traditions include an enriched curriculum that enables 99% of Mercy graduates to attend colleges or universities. The student body is made up of young women from over 60 metropolitan Detroit communities. This broad, inclusive base provides Mercy with a rich, multi-ethnic constituency from diverse, socio-economic backgrounds. The common thread among staff, students and parents is a commitment to academic excellence, cultural diversity and the integration of Mercy Values into daily life.

Mercy Values
Human Dignity   Mercy   Justice   Service   Option for the Poor

Recognized nationally as an Exemplary Private High School by the United States Department of Education, Mercy has been accredited by AdvancED.