Course Planning Guide

2020-2021 Grade 9 Course Catalog

2020-2021 Grades 10 - 12 Course Catalog


Beginning in March, Counselors will meet with students individually to discuss and confirm course selections for the next school year. Students will be assigned a specific appointment time. Registration directions for each class will be posted second semester.


Mercy High School is a college preparatory school and thus strongly suggests that students plan their course of studies carefully. A total of 24 credits and 8 semesters of full enrollment (6 classes per semester) are required for graduation. One semester course earns .5 credit. Click here for school profile.

These 24 credits include:

  • 4 credits English
  • 3 credits Social Studies include:
Two semesters of World History
One semester  of American Government
Two semesters of American History
One semester of Economics
  • 4 credits Mathematics include:
Two semesters of Algebra I
Two semesters of Geometry
Two semesters of Algebra II  
Two semesters of Additional Math or Math-Related Elective (one semester senior year)
  • 3 credits Laboratory Science include:
Two semesters of Biology
Two semesters of Chemistry or Physics
  • 2 credits of one World Language
  • 3.5 credits Religious Studies
  • 1  credit Visual, Performing and Applied Arts
  •  .5 credit iExplore (Beginning Class of 2022)
  •  .5 credit Speech
  •  .5 credit Physical Education/Swim
  •  .5 credit Health
  •  1.5 credits Electives

****All students must complete a minimum of 40 service hours (see student handbook)

***Note: a single course may not be used to fulfill a dual credit

***Senior Class – Please pay special attention to the following information: Seniors gain the privilege of released time. They do not gain a guarantee as to when their unscheduled time will occur.  Their course requests are the priority. Requests by students or parents for an unscheduled seventh hour will not be considered. We cannot accommodate the time requests from seniors for after school job responsibilities, sibling care or assistance needed at a family business. Please make arrangements that allow for a 2:37 pm dismissal.