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2016 CHSL Games

The 2016 Varsity Quarter- & Semi-Final games have been announced.

Mercy will be hosting games on Tuesday, October 18, 2016.

The Quarter-Final will be at 5 pm, the Semi-Final at 6:30 pm.

Quarter-Final: Ladywood vs. Regina

Semi-Final: Mercy vs. winner of Quarter-Final

Admission is $5.00.

Fall 2016 Team Picture Schedule

Forms available from coaches or in the Athletic Office.
Wednesday, 8/31/2016
2:45 pm- Varsity Golf (outside- weather permitting)
2:50 pm- Varsity Volleyball (in gym) 
3:15 pm- JV Golf (outside- weather permitting)
3:30 pm- Equestrian (outside- weather permitting) 
4 pm- Swimming & Diving (outside- weather permitting) 
5 pm- JV Volleyball (in gym) 
5:15 pm- Freshman Volleyball (in gym) 

Mercy Volleyball 2016 Tryout Schedule

Fall 2016 Tryout Schedule
Wednesday, August 10th
12-2pm (Incoming 9th Graders)
4-6pm (10th Graders)
6-9pm (Returning Varsity)

Thursday, August 11th
12-2pm (Incoming 9th Graders)
4-6pm (Junior Varsity)
6-9pm (Varsity)

Friday, August 12th
12-2pm (Incoming 9th Graders)
4-6pm (Junior Varsity)
6-9pm (Varsity)

Saturday, August 13th
9-11am (Varsity)