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2018 Soccer Information

Mercy​ ​High​ ​School​ ​Soccer​ ​2018-- From September Meeting

Welcome to the Mercy High School soccer program!

The coaching staff has been given the important task of building upon your Mercy education by adding a challenging and rewarding experience as you represent your school on the soccer field. You will learn the value of teamwork as well as personal commitment and responsibility. We expect all involved in our program to adhere to our Mercy values both on and off the field.

Our goals for the 2018 season are as follows:

Mercy @ NDP: 4/19/2016 Results

Varsity: Mercy 0- Notre Dame Prep 5
JV: Mercy 0- Notre Dame Prep 0
Notes from Coach Diehl:
On a beautiful day for soccer, NDP welcomed us to their field. We both competed for 70 minutes of great soccer. We had many more corner kicks, but they also pressured us and earned too many corners. The team fought hard, but once again led by defense. 

JV & Varsity @ Garden City: 4/11/2016 Results

Varsity: Mercy 4- Garden City 0
JV: Mercy 2– Garden City 0
Notes from Coach Diehl:
The temperature might have shown over 50 degrees, but with the wind the real feel was MUCH colder as we arrived at Garden City. 
Garden City coaching staff are always welcoming and friendly. The grass field was good considering all the weather problems. The gusty wind proved challenging. 

Spring 2016 Team Picture Schedule

Tuesday, 4/19/2016
3 pm- Var. Tennis- at the courts (weather permitting)
3:20 pm- JV Tennis- at the courts (weather permitting)
3:40 pm- JV LAX- on the field (weather permitting)
4 pm- Varsity LAX- on the field (weather permitting)
Wednesday, 4/20/2016
*Tentative (depending on uniforms) 2:45 pm Track & Field- on the field (weather permitting)
3 pm- Var. Softball- on the field (weather permitting)

Soccer @ Marian April 7, 2016: Results & Notes

Varsity: Mercy 0- Marian 4
JV: Mercy 1- Marian 1
From Coach Diehl:
The game against Marian was moved to Hurley Field in Berkley, which was a great turf venue with heated locker rooms! The weather was very cold, rain, sleet, and even snow. 
The Marlins started strong but could not find good shots and ended up falling behind 1–0 at the half. However, they started very strong the second half applying great pressure. Mercy scored after a great corner kick finished by Olivia.