Pompon FAQs

  1. The actual Pompon season runs from October-February.
    1. Try-Outs for the team take place in April or May of the preceeding school year (e.g., Try-Outs for the 2014-15 team are in May 2014).
    2. There is the option of a Mid-American Pompon Camp over the summer.
  2. Practices have historically been from 6-7:45 am, three days a week. This is subject to change depending on the schedule of the coach &/or school functions.
  3. Pompon, as a Varsity Sport at Mercy, is a major commitment, both of time and energy. 
  4. There will be a Mandatory Parent meeting during try-outs, most likely on Monday, May 19th. Parent involvement, attendence, performances, and finances will be amoung the discussed.
  5. As a Mercy Varsity Sport, all Athletes are required to follow mercy Athletic Standards.
    1. The three Mercy Athletic Forms and current MHSAA Physical must be on file with the Athletic Office BEFORE practices begin in the fall. The MHSAA Physical must be performed on or after April 15th of the previous school year