Here is information regarding voluntary summer basketball:

·       All grades will practice June 9-10-14-15-21-22: July 12-13-19-20. These 10 days will be the only days we practice. Though practice times are yet finalized, we anticipate practice being from 4:00-6:00pm for the V group and 6:00-8:00pm for the JV group. Whether you are available to attend all or just a portion of practice each day due to other obligations, we encourage you to do so. If you are unavailable to attend one practice due to a time conflict, please attend the other practice.

·       We will divide players into two groups for games. The V group will be primarily 12th and 11th graders; and the JV group will be primarily 10th graders, along with some 9th graders. Participation in games will be by invitation.

·       Both groups will play games in June and July.  Game dates for both groups will be June 16-17-23-24; July 14-15-21-22. These games will be played at Plymouth-Canton-Salem-Northville or Novi High School. Games will start at 5:00pm and end by 9:15pm. There will be two games per day. Both groups will also play June 26, at Howell High School, time TBD.

·       We are still waiting to hear if the Gaylord Team Camp will happen. If so, we will leave for camp the afternoon of July 25 and return late afternoon/early evening July 28. If Gaylord doesn’t happen, we may opt to attend the Northwood Team Camp, July 17-19. Participation in team camp will be by invitation only.

·       There is no cost to participate in summer basketball practices, but there is a fee (TBD) to play in summer games and the team camp.

·       In addition to posting on TeamSnap, all summer basketball information will be on the Mercy Athletics website. To access practice and game dates/sites/times, please click on the Team Practices tab; then click on Basketball on a given date in June or July for more specific information.

·       As soon as we get sites/times information, the Team Practices tab will be updated.

·       Regarding our game schedule for next season, the 2021-22 schedule will be posted this summer. However, just a reminder that we will have basketball over Christmas break, including a scrimmage. We play our first Catholic League game on January 4, 2022.

·       Any questions, please contact Coach Morris at 734-673-3139 or