Advent Reflection Opportunities

Mercy Families,

As our semester winds to a close next week we would like to offer you a couple of prayer opportunities to help you refine your focus in these final week of Advent:

Monday December 16th Available all day (8:00 – 2:30)        

Prayer Labyrinth: 

The use of labyrinths for Catholic contemplation can be traced to cathedrals of the Middle Ages. In the European cathedrals they were used traditionally as a site of pilgrimage. Research shows that there were 22 labyrinths in the Gothic cathedrals that went up during the Middle Ages throughout Europe.

To most Christians who walk the labyrinth journey today, the walk in is called Purgation--a time for releasing, letting go of the cares and concerns that keep one distracted and stressed.

The center of the labyrinth represents divine Illumination and Christ within, a place for receiving clarity and insight. The return walk is viewed as the path of Union, joining God, bringing back to the world a renewed vision or a refreshed spirit. To others the labyrinth enhances their prayer life as a symbol of the world’s complexities and difficulties, which we experience in our journey through life. These are but some of the historic uses for the labyrinth embraced by Catholics and Christians throughout the world.

Wednesday December 18th (11:30 – 12:00)

Advent Prayer Service:

Mercy HS Chapel

Set aside 30 minutes to slow down and focus on this Advent season of waiting and anticipation.    Set aside any stress and anxiety you might have and focus instead on the advent themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.

This prayer service is offered at the end of the Exam Schedule on Wednesday and is open to students and parents.   This 30 minutes might be just what you need to find some mid-week grounding in the Spirit as we prepare to celebrate God’s incarnation.

Click on this hyper link to sign in so we have an idea of how many participants to anticipate.

Both opportunities are held in the Mercy HS Chapel near reception.

In Mercy,

Campus Ministry