ACT Prep Course

ACT Bootcamp Course at Mercy

Dear Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 Parents,

Mercy Counseling is once again proud to partner with College Quest to offer a 4 session ACT Bootcamp Course to prepare for the June or July ACT Exam. Class will run from 11:00am-1:00pm on June 3rd - June 6th at Mercy.

There are very limited spots available for this class - so make sure you register early! The class will close once the first 25 registrations are received. Please bring registration forms and payment (payable to College Quest) to the Counseling Office.

A note to students who have taken the course previously: This course is designed to supplement the previous course. We will be reviewing the strategies and techniques, but we're going to be actually practicing sections of ACT tests and then reviewing them in order to prepare for the June or July ACT.

Click here for ACT Bootcamp Course info and registration form.

Please reach out to Mrs. Bennetts at if you have any questions.


Holly M. Markiecki-Bennetts, SCL, LLPC, NCC

Mercy High School Counselor, 10th-12th grade A-G