Class of 2021 PreACT

Coming up on Thursday, April 11th, sophomore students will be taking the PreACT test here at Mercy. The PreACT test is an excellent practice test for taking the ACT as it typically predicts future ACT scores, and can help with career planning. To learn more about why taking the PreACT is a valuable experience, visit these links:
A few things to keep in mind for test day:
  • Testing room lists will be emailed to students the week prior to testing. 
  • Testing will begin at 8:00 am. Attendance will be taken there. Late students will ONLY be allowed in if the first testing section hasn't started.
  • Testing will run through 4th hour; students will attend 5th-7th hour classes. We suggest that students bring their lunch this day.
  • Students need to bring two #2 pencils and  a calculator.
Please contact your daughter's counselor if you have any questions.