Junior College Planning

Dear Parent/Guardian,
A letter was mailed home the week of October 23rd regarding an opportunity to meet with your daughter and her counselor to assist in college planning. Copies of the letter and a college planning questionnaire included in the mailing are linked below for reference. 
The Counseling Office is committed to meeting with families over the next three months (November, December, and January) regarding this special appointment. Meetings begin the week of November 6th and will run through January 31, 2018, and must be arranged using the online sign-up system detailed in the letter. Although we have set aside more than enough appointment times to accommodate all families in the junior class, we are concerned that if families wait to sign-up, and don't take advantage of the November appointment slots, then we may not have room to accommodate all families wanting to meet. We strongly encourage families to sign-up for an appointment now, even if the appointment isn't for a few weeks out. We hope you will be able to take advantage of this service and we encourage you to schedule an appointment in order to guarantee that you have a meeting time.
Please review the letter linked below to guide you through the online scheduling process. Keep in mind that the meeting must occur during your daughter's "unscheduled" time, so please plan accordingly. Registration will close 2 days prior to each available meeting date. After setting up the appointment, please have your daughter bring the completed "college interest questionnaire" and "parent brag sheet" to our office prior to the meeting date. If you are finding that you are having difficulty matching up your daughter's "unscheduled" time with her counselor's open appointment times, please contact her counselor directly.
The Mercy High School Counseling Department Staff 
Dianna Shamus (10th - 12th grade; Last names A-G): dbshamus@mhsmi.org
Arpna Hessler (10th - 12th grade; Last names H-O): abhessler@mhsmi.org
Kristen Casey (10th - 12th grade; Last names P-Z): kkcasey@mhsmi.org