Message from Mrs. Sattler

October 27, 2017

Message from Mrs. Sattler
Dear Mercy Families,
Since becoming a part of the Mercy community, I have frequently shared how welcoming the students, families, faculty and staff have been. I have now formally been welcomed as well into the Mercy Education Systems of the Americas (MESA).
MESA was formally established July 1, 2017 to ensure "Mercy sponsored, co-sponsored, and affiliated education ministries are identified within the mission of the Catholic Church and are faithful to the charism, mission and core values of the Sisters of Mercy".
Each year, an educational conference is held with all of the Mercy schools to further the Mercy charism and address in-depth a particular critical concern of the Sisters of Mercy. This month, several of our staff members attended the annual conference in Omaha, Nebraska where we were joined by sister schools from across the United States and Argentina, Belize, Guam, Honduras, Jamaica and the Philippines. The current theme is "Who is Your Neighbor?", and educators are challenged to continue the reflection and discussion on issues of diversity and acceptance. Social Studies teachers and Human Relations Council facilitators Mr. Mike Barnes and Ms. Abigail Youngerman also participated in the conference, and will help share the relevance of this experience with fellow students and staff members.
I was touched by the conference message of welcomeness and inclusion, as I know this to be a strength of our community. We are blessed to have such a diverse school family, and we are committed to maintaining and enhancing a sense of belonging for each of our students.
Another exciting project of the MESA network is the establishment of virtual cohort groups (pastoral ministry, learning support, counseling, etc) for the sharing of best practices across Mercy schools. This forum allows for the exchange of ideas and building of relationships throughout the global Mercy community!
Academic News
It's a 3-peat! The news that has all of Mercy a buzz is our celebration of once again being awarded the recognition of Apple Distinguished School! This prestigious award is given to schools who demonstrate innovative technology practices of collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. Apple Distinguished Schools are leaders in technology education and model schools who share their expertise with other schools within the community.
100% of our teaching staff are certified Apple Teachers committed to enriching the learning experience for each student. At Mercy, technology is not a policy but a living, dynamic practice. Ask your student about some ways in which technology enhances their daily learning! We are excited to soon be able to share our unique technology story with you, through the publication of our iBook that details best practices here at Mercy. This book was created under the facilitation of Associate Principal and Apple Distinguished Teacher Mr. Larry Baker, along with the hardworking staff technology team, and innovative student iWizards.
TechTalk: Since Mercy is a technology leader within the educational community, we are proud to be hosting our annual Tech Talk conference on November 3. Tech Talk provides a day of real-world applications for K-12 educators from across the state. Educators and district administrators return each year to Mercy's Tech Talk conference, often ensuring this is a part of their annual staff professional development plan.
Keynote speakers and educational technology experts will be joining us from as far away as Nebraska, the United Arab Emirates, and Ottawa, Canada!
Students in Tech: This year, Mercy will be participating in CyberPatriot, an educational program created by the U.S. Air Force to promote and encourage cybersecurity and other STEM related professions. A major component of the CyberPatriot program is the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition, a six hour competition that places teams of high school students in the position of newly hired IT professionals and tasks them with managing and protecting the network of a small company. Students will test their skills in early November.
iWizards are an integral part of technology at Mercy. Our iWizards not only helped with our Apple Distinguished School application and 9th grade technology orientation, but are also partnered with other tech teams from around the world on their new Global Project. The students are working on a webpage where teams can connect and collaborate with others at a global level! More information can be found at
Diversity Committee: Did you know that five of our Mercy students participate in the Farmington Diversity Committee? This committee meets monthly and is made up of students from all of the Farmington Public High Schools, in addition to Mercy. In February, Mercy will host the annual Farmington Youth Diversity Conference.
Staff Spotlight: Over the summer, Social Studies and Latin teacher Mrs. Lauren Marquard completed a two-week Latin immersion program, Scholae Aestivae in Italia, held in Montella, Italy. Participants came from across the world, and conversed in Latin during all meals, classes, and outings. The program consisted of eight hours of daily Latin lectures and discussion on topics ranging from Roman methods of art to the particulars of Latin grammar. A highlight of the program was an all-day tour of Pompeii, where participants read and discussed Latin texts on-site.
Mrs. Marquard shares, "It was one of the most challenging experiences in my life, but it was extremely rewarding. Not only did I improve my speaking ability, but I also gained many friends from around the world - and we text frequently in Latin!" Lingua Latina ubique est!
Mercy Visit: Last Friday, Mercy guides hosted forty middle school students visiting for the day from St. Fabian, Our Lady of Sorrows, Holy Name, MacArthur, Cranbrook, Birmingham, Covington, St. Mary Royal Oak and Roeper. We were pleased to welcome these students and share the unique advantages of being a student at Mercy. There was such energy across the school with the excitement of our visitors and the enthusiasm of each guide who was Mercy proud to share their school with a future Mercy girl!
Do you know a student who would benefit from a Mercy education? Please invite them to attend our Fall Open House this Sunday, October 29 from 12:30-3:00 pm. We look forward to welcoming future students and their families with a tour of the school, and answering any questions they might have.
Catholic Identity
Fr. Stephen Pullis: This month, Fr. Stephen Pullis, Director of the Department of Evangelization, Catechesis and Schools for the Archdiocese of Detroit, visited with Mercy school administrators and the campus ministry team, followed by a celebration of Mass with our Mercy girls. Fr. Pullis engaged the students and staff, challenging all to prioritize time in our busy lives to be truly present with the Lord. He encouraged us to set aside a period each day for prayer and reflection, free of distraction, to connect with our Faith.
On November 8th, Fr. Pullis will join Archbishop Vigneron in addressing Catholic School leaders and representatives across the Archdiocese to share in the vision for the future of the Church in Southeastern Michigan, most specifically as it relates to Catholic education.
Health and Safety
AED/CPR Training: Our entire staff was fortunate to spend a recent afternoon receiving Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training with Lt. Jamie Neufeld (Mercy Dad), Lt. Dan Wecker and EMS Coordinator Jim Etzin from the Farmington Hills Fire Department.
Additionally, 10 Mercy staff members volunteered to attain American Heart Association CPR Instructor Certification. These team members will work to ensure CPR certification for the entire staff by the end of this school year. We applaud all involved who are supporting our health initiative to ensure the safety of our students and staff.
MI HEARTSafe: Another way in which we are committed to the safety of our students in in pursuing MI HeartSafe certification. This is an important endeavor to ensure a cardiac emergency plan is in place in the event of a sudden cardiac event.
As you can see, there are many reasons to be proud of our school. As our Mercy students remind us during daily announcements, "it's not what it is, but what it can become". Thank you for allowing us to support your daughter as she becomes a woman who makes a difference!


May God's Grace and Blessings be in your path,


Patricia Sattler