College App Info Meeting

College Application Information Meeting 
Parents invited and encouraged to attend! 

Dear Class of 2018 Parents/Guardians,

As the students wind down the school year and look forward to the summer days ahead, we also need to direct our attention to applying to college and some of the preparation that can take place during summer vacation. There are a number of layers to this process and the Counseling Staff is here to assist you and your daughter as she works to complete each application. To begin, we hope to provide your family with the information needed to successfully navigate through the nuances of the application process.

Due to the fact that there is a lot of information to cover, we are holding two mandatory College Application Information Meetings for the Class of 2018. Some of the information is relevant now, and some of it pertains more to the actual application procedures in the fall.

The first meeting will be on Wednesday, May 24 from 11:00am-11:55am in the Mercy Auditorium. The meeting is designed to walk students through the "How to's" of preparing for and completing their applications.

The second meeting will be held on Friday, August 25 (time to be determined). This meeting will speak to the procedures students must follow in order to make application requests from Mercy's counselors and teachers; as well as provide students the opportunity to ask application specific questions once they begin working on their applications.

We invite you as parents and strongly encourage you to attend both important informational meetings.

To supplement these presentations, Counseling will post a series of "How To" videos on the Counseling page of the Mercy's website and on Naviance Family Connection. The videos will provide step-by-step directions for common tasks found in the application process. This will give students and parents 24-hour access to directions for the tasks that students routinely need to complete and often have questions about. Look for the videos to be posted on

We also sent a similar communication to your daughter about the upcoming college application information meeting on May 24th. Best wishes to you and your family. We look forward to the fall season and the opportunities it brings us to work more closely with your daughter.


Mercy College Counseling Staff 
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