Drop Off Guidelines


The use of the lane in front of the Reception Area Entrance as a Drop Off Zone is creating a back-up of cars for those entering the campus from 11 Mile Road. In addition, it makes it difficult and unsafe for staff and students crossing from the parking lot in that area. In order to improve this process, the following guidelines have been put in place, effective immediately. 
  • The lane in front of the Reception Area Entrance IS NOT a Drop Off Zone for students. Please do not stop prior to the 1st tree.
  • Students must be dropped off either in front of the Flagpole Entrance, marked Student Entrance Only, or in front of the Auditorium/Gym Lobby Entrance.
  • Drivers should pull all the way forward to the 2nd yellow crosswalk sign, past the Student Entrance Only sign, prior to drop off.
  • Students should be ready to immediately exit the car.
  • Drivers may park in any unmarked space to drop off students.
  • Students who drive themselves may use the Reception Area Entrance, but MAY NOT park in the parking area outside of the Reception Area Entrance (area between the first two lamp posts in the first and second rows).
Thank you for your support and understanding.