New Daily Schedule 2016-2017

Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, Mercy will initiate a new daily schedule. This change comes after considerable information gathering, discussion, and some experimentation.
What has not changed:
  • Six days each cycle
  • One unscheduled day per cycle for each class period
  • The adviser program
  • Senior released time
  • Overall time frame of the school day
What has changed:
  • All classes will have the same amount of contact time. 
  • There will be a daily, 20 minute break when all students will be in the Adviser Group. This will eliminate the non-stop "straight" day for everyone. The break will allow students to eat something, pause, relax, socialize in the Adviser Group, etc...
  • The school day will begin at 8:00 a.m. with the first hour class.
Daily Schedule
8:00-8:50          1st hour (adds one minute for morning prayer)
8:55-9:44          2nd hour
9:49-10:38        3rd hour
10:42-11:02       Adviser Group (4 minute passing to/from)
11:06-11:55       4th hour  
12:00-12:49      5th hour
12:54-1:43        6th hour
1:48-2:37          7th hour
Class attendance will still be taken each class period. All school daily attendance will be taken in the Adviser Group which meets each day following 3rd hour. A bell tone will signal the beginning time and the ending time for each class period. Sign-out will still occur at the end of the day.


*****Special Announcement*****
In honor of the Varsity Softball Team winning the Division I State Championship title, we will add an additional day off (September 6th) to our Labor Day weekend and return to school on Wednesday September 7th!
Click here for a history of the modular schedule at Mercy High School and new sample schedule.