Proposed Schedule Trial Period

Dear Students and Parents,
Over the past few years there has been a good deal of discussion about possibly making some modifications to Mercy's current modular schedule. The purposes of any proposed modifications would be to create consistency in the amount of class time available for every course,  to provide an equitable educational experience for all classes on all days, to make it easier to keep track of when classes begin and end, and to build in a break every day to ease the "straight day" stress for anyone who has all 7 classes meeting on any given day.
In order to truly evaluate the proposed schedule options we have planned, a Trial Period for three cycles beginning October 15 and ending November 11. Please note: ALL SCHEDULES STILL INCLUDE THE UNSCHEDULED HOURS. So if Day 2 is your unscheduled day for your 1st hour class, it will still be unscheduled during the Trial Period as well. The unscheduled day of the cycle is an important part of our schedule and will remain regardless of any other changes. We will be trying three different schedules throughout the Trial Period. The link to each schedule is posted on the Mercy School Life Calendar on D1 of that cycle. The schedules have been labeled Schedule A, B & C. (Click directly on "Schedule A" on October 15 (D1) and view the attachment.) 
An important change for ALL schedules is that sign-in will begin each day at 7:55am and dismissal and sign-out will occur each day at 2:40pm. The three schedules will experiment with the length of sign-in, the time between sign-in and 1st hour, the inclusion of a short break midday, and the placement of the adviser group meeting. 

Student feedback will be gathered after the Trial Period regarding the strengths and weaknesses of each schedule, and we look forward to all that we will learn during this experience.



Mercy Administration