Celebrating 10 Years of Making a Difference

It was an anniversary celebration on a grand scale! 340 guests and nearly 50 AbsenTea donors raised more than $22,000 for the Alumnae Association Tuition Assistance Fund. Our gratitude extends to many in the Mercy community!

A highlight of the event was the presentation of the 2014 Distinguished Alumna Award to Paula Chermside ’72, COO of Aspirus Grand View Hospital in Ironwood, Michigan. Click here to read Paula’s bio. Paula spoke about how Mercy has inspired her life in personal and professional ways. Next, Phoenix Dempster ’15 described how she has grown spiritually and academically as a Mercy student. The Mercy sisterhood was a common theme for both speakers.

Thank you to all who helped organize the event, especially the Alumnae Board and the Tea for Tuition Committee.

And many thanks to our generous donors:

Marisa Abbo '80
Janet Baiardi '75
Karen Rashid Balow '81
Arleen Brennan Bonello '56
Mary-Jelisse Bonello '83
Jane Borowiec
Joy Morris Brietzke '75
Rachel Broniak '04
Suzanne Brown '78
Sherry Cyrol Buczek '62
Champps Americana
Clear Channel Entertainment
Patricia Cote-Miles '69
Crowne Plaza Hotel Novi
Leslie Demyan '81
Detroit Zoo
Maureen Dooley '72
Jean Egan
Brenda Ellens '83
Cheryl Emanuel '98
Cheryl Wentrack Ewers '85
Lisa Sikorski Formosa '93
Gwen Fowlkes
Fox Hills Golf Club
Patt Franc '72
Friend of Mercy
Kathleen Garvey
Lauren Longley Greer '03
Shannon Haffey '99
Patricia Kroll Haliburda '56
Molly Hamilton
Janice Hanba '82
Rebecca Renaud Harrison '90
Jean Bonello Hawn '89
Brian Hill, Every Photo Tells a Story
Kim Blotkamp Hilliard '87
Carey Czech Jansen '99
Jennifer Borowiec Jones '99
Judy Jones '72
Kathy Bruce Juetten '66
Maureen O'Hara Kebo '85
Kathy Kelly '75
Kilwin's Chocolates
Joan Knoertzer '56
Cheryl Delaney Kreger, Ed.D. '66
Kruse's Deer Lake Inn, Clarkston
Margaret Haapala Kurpiers '85
Anne Lawton '74
Kathryn Ling '69
Therese Haapala Marshall '68
Marilyn Mazur '68
Loretta McColgan '72
Jessica McLellan '92
Kelly Stirling McSweeney '93
Diana Mercer-Pryor
Mercy Alumnae Association
MHS Alumnae Book Club
Elaine Montambeau '86
Sonya Howcott Moore '80
Jan Mordenski
Carrie Fling Nantais '96
Anne Nemes '68
Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace
Kathy Noble
Celeste Allen Novak '69
Mary Anne Brick Olszewski '56
Orin Jewelers
Parade Company
Elizabeth Bonello Reust '85
Robert DiTommaso Photography
Zena Samona '96
Theresa Saroki
Julie Kronk Schokora '91
Martha Shaw
Kathryn Anderson Sikorski '66
Maureen Carlson Sisco '82
Nancy Spenchian '77
Catherine Cini Stanley '56
Station 885
Stems & Blossoms
Steve and Rocky's
Stephanie Dickow Surowiec '91
Lee Albrecht Szuba '90
Eleasha Mercer Tarplin '94
The Henry Ford
Thomas's Dining and Catering
Thull/O'Brien Family
Township True Value Hardware
Trader Joes, Bloomfield Hills
Mary Trefney
Sue Twigg '77
Valerie Vaitas
Elizabeth Woolley '66
Zieben Mare

“The Mercy Tea…gives me a chance to support Mercy High School and to visit with my friends. My sister, Sister Maureen Mulcrone ’64, has assisted me with hosting, and now my daughter takes a big part in selecting and bringing to life our table themes. We try to do something fun and a little different each year.  My mom (currently 94 years old) also enjoys our Tea party each year.”

Mary Ellen Mulcrone ’73 - Table Hostess 2005-2014