Tea for Tuition

Save the date! The 14th Annual Tea for Tuition will be held on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

2017 Tea Wrap-Up

The cherished tradition of Tea for Tuition continued on April 30, 2017 as 400 guests sipped aromatic teas and enjoyed culinary delights, while hearing powerful stories of Mercy Girl compassion and determination. Our generous guests and donors raised $32,000 for the Alumnae Association Tuition Assistance Fund. President Cheryl Delaney Kreger EdD '66 presented Sheri Johnson Crawley '90 with the 2017 Distinguished Alumna Award.

We'd like to formally recognize our table hostesses whose inspired décor created a lovely tea room:
Arleen Brennan Bonello ’56
Liz Brady ’08
Ann Brady
Susan Chance
Sheri Johnson Crawley ’90
Megan Shannon Curoe ’85
Shelly Dettore
Denise Dinan-Panico ’69
Regina Marie Doelker, RSM ’56
Laura Merritt Everett ’98
Missy Swiacki Ewald ’85
Lisa Sikorski Formosa ’93
Maryanne Wisely Foster ’83
Lillian Godoy ’93
Gina DeAgostino Gray ’91
Molly Green
Cheryl Duplessis Haithco ’77
Olivia Hanna
Antonia Harbin-Lamb ’93
Tonya Harbin-Wall ’87
Jen Sears Keuten ’89
Carol George Kirkland ’68
Katy Koskela
Cheryl Delaney Kreger, EdD ’66
Kristina Cheatom Mack ’88
Jennifer Lyons ’89
Paula McElmeel
Jennifer Mora
Mary Ellen Mulcrone ’73
Molly Bosco O'Connor ’87
Carla LaFave O'Malley ’70
Patty Brady Perry ’96
Anna Cullen Rado ’68
Alicia Moten Roberts ’92
Tina Cyrol Russette ’76
Gabriela Santiago-Romero ’10
Krista Surowiec Shambleau ’93
Kathy Sill
Maureen Carlson Sisco ’82
Sisters of Mercy
Judy Steele ’68
Tess Schafer Sullivan ’69
Dona Tracey ’70
Jennifer Shallal Werner ’90
Crystal Hunter Windham ’90
Sheila Wisely-London ’91
Carolyn Behringer Witte ’67
The Mercy Alumnae Board is grateful to these event donors:
Katie Mato Androff '99-Stella & Dot
Anglim Art & Design
Antonio's/Roman Village
Archdiocese of Detroit Cemeteries (CFCS)
Janet Baiardi ’75
Carole Beaman
Jessica Beaman ’01
Beauty Bar Organics Inc
Sr. Marianne Bennett, RSM
Carole Berhorst
Susan Black
Arleen Brennan Bonello ’56
Mary-Jelisse Bonello ’83
Tara Hanley Bratton ’76
Mary and Brian Burke
Maureen Carlson
Chocolates by Renee-Stephanie Acho Tartoni ’90
Lindsay O'Neill Corneille ’02-Morgan Stanley
Courtyard Detroit Farmington Hills
Sheri Johnson Crawley ’90
Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Cathy Dinan Dillon '77-Angels, Saints & Stuff
Brenda Ellens ’83-Dancing Bear Studio
Joanne Yee Elsey '71
Kristin Evans
Experience Cooking
fel3000ft (artist)
Forest Place Optical
Joanie Davidson Forfinski ’84
Lisa Sikorski Formosa ’93
Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center
Friend of Diana Jacokes
Friend of Mercy
Jana and John Goit
Toni Perior Gross ’56
Cheryl Duplessis Haithco ’77
Patricia Kroll Haliburda ’56
Michael C. Hall
Mary Finger Hall-Price ’73
Kerstin Hinsman
Ideal Bite Community Kitchen
Maureen O'Hara Kebo ’85
Kathy Kelly ’75
Jen Sears Keuten ’89
Kilwins Plymouth
Joan Knoertzer ’56
Cheryl Delaney Kreger EdD ’66
Margaret Haapala Kurpiers ’85
Jill Lamphier
Maryellen Lewandowski
Therese Haapala Marshall ’68
Jenny Maxey
Sr. Maureen McGarrigle, RSM ’57
Mercy Advancement
MHS Alum Book Club
Virginia Minolli ’82
Tammy Forfinski Morris ’81
MotorCity Casino Hotel
Celeste Allen Novak ’69, Architect, PLLC
Our Shepard Lutheran Quilters
Kate Paul
Renee Pricopio
Cathy Rapp
Elizabeth Bonello Reust ’85
Alicia Moten Roberts ’92
Brenda Roberts
Susan Rogal
Alexa Rukstele ’97
Salads Etc.
Cheryl Law Sawicki ’90
Maureen Carlson Sisco ’82
Sister Pie
Gilda Snowden
Susan Leone Staryk ’68
Station 885
Judy Steele ’68
The Henry Ford
The Marlin Shop
Patricia Thull ’70
Township True Value Hardware
Vineyard Vines
Joanne Albert Walle '77
Mary Walle '09
Theresa Walle ’15
Jennifer Shallal Werner ’90
Carol Sowey Winkler ’67
Elizabeth Wellet Yeager ’56
Special thanks to:

Anne Hallberg
Joanne Ilitch of Ellis Island Catering
Marlin Shop
Melissa Prieskorn, Photographer
Student Servers and Assistants
Team Tea
And all of our dedicated volunteers!

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For any questions or further information, contact the Alumnae Office at alumnaeoffice@mhsmi.org or 248-476-3270.