June 2016

Wit's End . . . Notes from the Principal

You're a smarty pants. Go ahead. Admit it. You know you think so. You're a smarty pants. How do I know? I know because I am a smarty pants too. When did you first know? Was it just few years back? Oh no. Oh no. Others may have only made the discovery about you recently; you, on the other hand, knew it and had it confirmed at least by the time you finished first grade. How do I know? Well, noted author A.A. Milne said as much and wrote on behalf of you, me, and millions of others.

"When I was One,
I had just begun.
When I was Two,
I was nearly new.
When I was Three
I was hardly me.
When I was Four,
I was not much more.
When I was Five, I was just alive.
But now I am Six, I'm as clever as clever,
So I think I'll be Six now for ever and ever."


So Milne called it clever and for me, it's definitely smarty pants. Same difference. Think back to the wisdom of having finished kindergarten. We mark that achievement and nod with pride at the broad smiles on the faces of these young ones. They have learned so much. They have told us repeatedly of the stickers and stars earned on countless behavior charts kept and displayed in the classroom. Lest you think I am making light of such records, let me clearly state that if you believe so, you could not be more wrong. We can and should pay attention to the learning done so well in our early years. Consider it now. Are those things still important to you and do you still demonstrate them consistently? Here is the checklist.  


I learned . . .


To line up quietly
To raise my hand
To put my hand down when I was not called upon
To wash my hands
To keep said hands to myself
To pick up things I used and put them away
To pick up things I hadn't use because I shared the space with others
To use the words "Excuse me" if I truly needed a grownup's attention
To cover my mouth if I coughed or sneezed
To ask permission
To give forgiveness
To show appreciation
To knock on a closed door, and wait for a response


How are you doing? I hope you are nodding in the affirmative.


I learned . . .


To keep negative opinions to myself
To write a thank you note (actually done on paper)
Not to make fun of others
Not to name call
To tell the truth
To tell on myself
To be polite even when I was bored
To hold the door for someone behind me
To offer my help to someone I see is struggling
To do a favor when asked
To receive a compliment with grace
To say "I am sorry" and mean it
To take my turn
To self soothe when I was hurt


Such are the trappings of social comportment. You probably didn't call it that back when you were six years old and "as clever as clever." It was learning done as a citizen of the classroom. It was expected of each of us and we were old enough to understand. We had reached a state of reasoning where all of these demands were attainable.


We soon learned that we wanted to continue to celebrate our birthdays and that, truly, we didn't hope to remain at age six "for ever and ever." There were places to go and people to become that required us to see the wonder of age seven, and eight, then of fourteen and seventeen and twenty-three and thirty eight and . . . keep counting.


I end as I began. You're a smarty pants. Go ahead. Admit it. Do more than that. Embrace it. Add to your own list of things you've learned and how you arrived at where you are now. Just be sure you never take things off the list. Start over. Be six years old once again. Can you line up quietly? Do you raise your hand? Do you ask permission? Do you provide forgiveness? Can you receive a compliment with grace? Are you able to self soothe? I hope so.


And I deeply hope that you are able to foster the smarty pants who live among you, especially your children. Celebrate the wisdom they demonstrate in both big and small ways!


Have a grand summer!
Mrs. Carolyn Witte, Principal

God Bless the Students of 2016!

Leadership. Service. Character. Excellence. The entire Mercy school community convened for the annual HONORS CONVOCATION to recognize all the stellar students of 2016. From math and science, service and scholarships, Newsprint and Lore yearbook, all were honored for their awesome achievements and a standing ovation to the seniors for a fabulous four years. Congratulations to the Class of 2016 for earning over $23 million in college scholarships and volunteering over 27,000 hours of community service!

Visit these links to see the full list of student awards: grades 9 - 11 and grade 12

Sr. Emily George Award ~ Lilly Blake
Principal's Leadership Award ~ Kristen Hiser
Garn Griffin Athletics Award ~ Abby Krzywiecki
Salutatorian ~ Lucy Devine
Valedictorian ~ Taylor Lombard
Teacher of the Year ~ Mrs. Sara McGavin

Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Science Teacher Mrs. Sara McGavin on being named the Mercy High School 2016 Teacher of the Year. She loves science and wants every girl to love it as well. She is authentic, optimistic and her enthusiasm is contagious. Mrs. McGavin currently teaches Anatomy and Physiology and is Assistant Softball Coach. Mrs. McGavin was also awarded the Serra Chevrolet Teacher of the Month for May.
Here is what some students had to say about Mrs. McGavin, "She is passionate about teaching science and focuses on the development of her students. She genuinely cares for us and challenges everyone to do better and is supportive in helping us reach our goals."
Let's Hear it for the STAFF!
Beloved teachers Ms. Kathy Kitzmann, Mr. Gerry Meloche, Ms. Fran Mika are retiring from Mercy High School after touching the lives of generations of young Mercy women. Mrs. Judy Ewald also retired in January. They have been invaluable, influential members of the Mercy family making a difference in hundreds of classes for thousands of students! We THANK YOU for your enthusiasm for education and your devotion to the Mercy community.

Here's to these super staff who achieved a milestone in serving Mercy High School!
5 Years
Mr. Mike Barnes
Ms. Anne Eddy
Mrs. Lauren Marquard
20 years
Mr Gary Servais  
10 Years
Mr. Gary Bank
Mrs. Michele Belwood
Mrs. Judi Dennis
Ms. Alisa Kelly
Ms. Kate Scalzi
Mr. Jim Skellett
Mrs. Dawn Stewart
Mrs. Lynn Waldsmith
30 years
Sr. Nancy Thompson

35 Years
Sr. Marianne Bennett

40 Years
Mrs. Joyce Campbell
Mrs. Kathy Sill

15 Years
Mr Charles Ferrell                                
Mrs Sherri Howard
Mr Tom James        
Mrs Monica McDonald 
Mr Charles Russ 
Mrs Claudia Taniguchi
Mrs Maureen Weiss
45 years
Ms. Mary Harkness

Orchestra State Solo
Congratulations to a few more of the Mercy High School orchestra students who achieved great success at the State Solo and Ensemble Festival. Kathryn Wolf received a division II rating for her violin solo, Lilian Lebednick received a division II rating for her trombone solo, and Sophie Vanderweele received a division II rating for her cello solo.
2016 CATCH Outstanding High School Graduates
2016 CATCH Outstanding High School Graduates
Theresa Benton '16 was named a runner-up in the Language Arts category of this year's Detroit News/2016 CATCH Outstanding High School Graduates Program. Each year The Detroit News and CATCH, Sparky Anderson's Charity for Children, recognize outstanding graduating high school seniors in Michigan. Based on her outstanding work in Mercy's English classes these past four years, Theresa, who is also Copyeditor of Newsprint, was one of a select group of high school students to be honored. Theresa's name was featured in the May 25th edition of The Detroit News.
National Forensics Tournament
Over Memorial Weekend, the Mercy Forensics Team competed at the Grand National Tournament in Sacramento, California. Ten students and four judges traveled across the country for the most important meet of the season. Attendees and competitors were Blair Cha and Phil Engel as observers, Katie Johnstone in Original Oratory, Abbey Hembree in Oratorical Declamation, Bryanna Lee and Astrid Lopus in Dramatic Performance, Ryann Raspon and Cara Forfinski in Dramatic Duo, and Madison Leake and Maureen McGough in Oral Interpretation. All students competed very well on the first day, and senior Maureen McGough broke out and moved from Friday's qualifying rounds to the top 48 in the country. After her octofinal round, Maureen broke to the quarter final where she was in the top 24. She broke again to the semi-final round, where she was placed in the top 12. Mercy High School has not had a student break past octofinals in over a decade, and Maureen's prose and poetry performances earned her the honor of 11th in the Nation out of 220 entries! She is now the most decorated member of the team with qualifications for seven varsity stripes in her three years on the forensics team. 
Newsprint Spartan Award
Newsprint was awarded the Spartan Award, which is the top award a high school newspaper can receive from the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association, MIPA. In addition, the paper's website, newsprintnow.net achieved a Gold award (2nd place). Members of the Newsprint staff also won 30 individual awards for writing, design and photography.
Congressional Art Competition

Congratulations to Joelle Joyner '18, who won a 1st place prize in the congressional art competition for a color pencil drawing she completed in Ms. Susan Smith's Drawing 1 class. Her winning piece will be hung in the United States Capitol Building until next summer.

Latin Day at U of M

Latin students joined hundreds of students throughout the area at the University of Michigan's annual Latin Day. While there, students received a tour of campus, learned the scientific method of archaeology, designed Roman mosaics, and wrote Latin script on actual papyrus! Many of the sessions were taught by professors, and students had the opportunity to network with world-famous experts in the fields of Latin, Greek, Classics, and Archaeology. ĪTE CAERULEUM! (GO BLUE!)

Junior Classical League Convention

Latin students also attended the 67th annual Michigan Junior Classical League convention. In addition to a numerous academic, artistic, costuming, and oratorical awards, two Mercy students were also elected to state office. Congratulations to juniors Katherine Colleran '17 (Historian) and Ellie Janitz '17 (TAEDA Editor), who will serve as officers for the 2016-2017 school year! Katherine and Ellie will join students from Brother Rice and Detroit Country Day in leading the MJCL. You can learn more about Mercy's Latin program by accessing:  https://www.facebook.com/mercyjcl.  

Making a Difference

After learning about the Rwandan Genocide in World History class, Leann Alyas '19 was particularly moved. She wanted to help in some way and to live out the Mercy Values by supporting the victims financially and spiritually. Leann organized a Candy Bar fundraiser and in just two days, the Mercy community was able to raise $615.34 for the victims of the Rwandan Genocide! All of the money will be donated to the Left To Tell Charitable Fund, which is run by survivor Imaculée Ilibagiza. With this money, the Mercy community was able to provide one scholarship for a school-aged child, as well as much-needed school clothes and food. A very special thank you to all those who supported this student-led fundraiser, and a particular thank you to Leann for her charity and Christian leadership! 
Business Professionals of America
Juniors Saveri Nandigama and Bridget Eusebi attended the Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference May 5-9, 2016, in Boston. At the conference, Nandigama and Eusebi served as voting delegates for the Michigan delegation, assisted as NLC interns, and helped set a Guiness World Record for Most People in Tie Dye. In addition, the girls took in some of the sites including a visit to the USS Constitution, built in 1797, where they were able to inscribe their names into copper sheeting that will adorn the ship once it's restored. As a state, Michigan dominated the conference, taking home 126 top 10 finishes, with 41 in the top 3, and of those, 15 were first place finishes. Nandigama will lead Michigan's more than 5,000 members next year as its State Executive Council President.
LORE Awards
At the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association spring conference, the Lore staff received multiple awards for work in the 2015 Lore "I'm Like Mercy."
Headline Writing 1st Place Bridget Lyons '15 & Samantha Shina
Organization Spread Honorable Mention Jillian DeWitt
Sports Reporting Honorable Mention Bridget Lyons '15
Portrait/Personality Photo 3rd Place Abby Rosler '15
People Spread Honorable Mention Staff
Sports Spread Honorable Mention Bridget Lyons '15
Headline Writing Honorable Mention Samantha Shina, Meaghan Fortney
& Bridget Lyons '15
Photo Illustration 3rd Place Nicole Belans
Feature Writing - Student Life 2nd Place Meaghan Fortney
Sports Action Photo Honorable Mention Jenna Ajlouny '15
Feature Presentation Honorable Mention Staff
Student Life Spread Honorable Mention Bridget Lyons '15
Feature Writing - Student Life Honorable Mention Bridget Lyons '15
Sports Spread Honorable Mention Jenna Ajlouny '15
Sports Reporting Honorable Mention Samantha Shina
Sidebar Coverage Honorable Mention Meaghan Fortney
Individual Advertisement-Proud Parent Honorable Mention Staff
Academic Spread Honorable Mention Jenna Ajlouny '15
Academic Writing Honorable Mention Abby Rosler '15
Cover Honorable Mention Staff
Division Page Honorable Mention Staff
Opening and Closing Honorable Mention Staff

Student Council 2016-17

The students have spoken and the ballots have been counted. Congratulations to the elected officers for the 2016 - 2017 school year.
Student Council Officers
President: Ciara Lopus
Vice-President: Sophie Van Acker
Treasurer: Natalie Forster

Secretary: Regan Castle

Class Officer Boards

Evie Dahmer Annie Acho Tartoni Maddy Ballard
Katie Koe Benicia Booker Olivia Fras
Kennedy Kuffner Mary Doman Alley Neary
Saveri Nandigama Caroline McLaren Ava Ruggirello
Jasmine Williams Brooke O'Brien Christina Thomas

Human Relations Council

Claire Alafita Dani McClain Sophia Bellisario
Indya Hood Supreet Nirman Haley Dishman
Brooklyn Rue Shannon Seabolt Olivia Evans
Helen Zheng Ana Warner Priyanka John

Broadcasting Visits CBS Radio

The Mercy Broadcasting class visited CBS radio for a tour and question/answer session with 98.7 AMP Radio's host, Slacker. Students learned about career opportunities and worked with professional equipment. Mercy is grateful for CBS Radio's continued hospitality and support!


Sports Headlines

Mercy spring sports teams have been making headlines and play off action is still going on! Check out sports newspaper articles here. Softball captured the Catholic League Championship; Tennis are Regional Champions and playing at States; Lacrosse is playing tough in Regional action; Track & Field captured some strong CHSL finishes. 

Record-Breaking Athletes

Abby Krzywiecki is currently tied #1 for the softball MHSAA State of Michigan record for home runs in a season at 18. This record has been in place since 1979. Abby also currently holds 12 MHSAA state records and four national records.  

Way to go, Mia Flynn '18 broke a 35-year-old school record in the Long Jump on May 17 when she reached a distance of 16 feet, 11 1/2 inches. She then went on to break her own record on May 21 with 17 feet, 3 1/4 inches.

Athletics Updates - Please be sure to visit mhsmi.org/athletics for the most up to date summer camp offerings, athletics physical and registration forms and all team date information, including 2016-2017 registrations and try-outs. 

Digital Creation Room
THANK YOU to Witte's Wish Auction donors Rita Dilworth Lewry '77 & Tom Lewry for making the new Digital Creation Room and Collaborative Corner a reality for all students! The room is located in the Media Center and equipped with 6 MacBook Pros with 13" displays; 27" iMac; 50" monitor and HP desktop; new tables, chairs and moveable desks; 8 individual whiteboards; green screen with lighting; Canon T6i 24.1 megapixel video camera and MakerBot Replicator 3D printer.

Habitat for Humanity


Students Zora Pullen, Sara Posa, Claire Forfinski, Heather Lillystone, Lucy Devine, Alana Sullivan, Carmela Sleva, Nadia Hakim, Kaitlyn Brown, Jenna Chami, Sarah Dwyer, Libby Lee, Annie Leuker, Elisabeth Levadowski, and chaperones Judi Dennis, Sara Dennis and Joanie Davidson Forfinski '84 embodied the Mercy of Christ and the mission of Catherine McAuley while taking an alternative spring break for Habitat for Humanity. Here is a reflection about the trip by Alana Sullivan.

By Alana Sullivan '16
"We encounter God in three different ways," said Mrs. Ann Lush to our Prayer class early in the fall last semester, while squeaking her chunk of white chalk across the dusty blackboard. "In nature and the physical world around us, in others, and, finally, in ourselves."
After memorizing the three different ways for the test, I promptly forgot about the lesson, like so many things you learn by rote memorization, or because you have an exam. Months passed, the course ended, Christmas break flew by, and whatever snow Michigan ended up receiving this year, for the most part, turned into slush and sleet. It was on a cramped, muddy school bus in early April, with a group of other Mercy girls in work boots and bandanas that the lesson, which had stayed dormant for so long in my head, suddenly came to mind. It was hour three of seven on our trip back from Richmond, KY, where 14 Mercy seniors, Pastoral Minister Mrs. Judi Griggs-Dennis, her daughter Ms. Sara Dennis, and parent chaperone Mrs. Joanie Forfinski, had just spent Easter break week building a home with Habitat for Humanity. As I looked around the bus at the girls I had just gotten to know over the week, some laughing with each other, others sprawled across the seats or sleeping with their heads side by side, the lesson popped into my head, and my heart felt happy as I understood that I had seen the lesson in action over the course of the trip.
I had seen God in nature in the rolling hills we girls described to each other in excitement, our noses pressed up against the windows of the bus, as we first entered Kentucky on Easter Sunday, shortly after a glamorous Easter dinner of Wendy's and gas station snacks. I had seen Him in the glimmering waterfall and gorge we passed by each day as we drove to and from the Habitat office and dorm to the work site. I had certainly seen God when I sat near the edge of the cliff we had hiked up to in Natural Bridge State Park and let the late afternoon sun warm my back, the same sun that bathed the valley and forests hundreds of feet below me in golden light. And I had seen Him in the perfect double rainbow that arched across the gray sky on the afternoon of our last day of the trip, as we packed into the bus and van to head to Dairy Queen, where we would all heatedly debate whether or not the ice cream tasted too much like whip cream, in typical, food-obsessed, Mercy girl fashion.
I had seen God in others too many times to count. I had seen Him in the welcoming, kind faces of the women of the Habitat office who welcomed us our first morning there with a homemade breakfast. I saw Him in the laughter and yelling of the girls as they belted out Motown hits and Mariah Carey songs during our nightly round of Heads Up, which initiated a chorus of barking and howling from the neighborhood dogs each night without fail. I saw Him through dusty, fiber-coated glasses and a haze of floating insulation fuzz as my insulation partner patiently ground bale after bale of insulation with me to fill the attic of the house we were completing, without complain. I saw Him in Mrs. Dennis each night during group prayer time, when she would say she loved us, and when she would ask God to help us get the house finished in time (we did) and to remember that we were here to do a job, to serve others, and not to complain or preoccupy ourselves with pride. I saw Him in Fr. Joe, the priest of a tiny Catholic parish in Beattyville, KY, who shook each of our hands and beamed as he thanked us for bringing supplies for his food pantry, which had been empty for a long time. I saw Him in the honesty, sincerity, and eloquence of the members of Richmond's First United Methodist Church youth group, who welcomed us into their community and shared their stories of struggle and success with perfect strangers. Finally, I saw God as we presented the homeowner of the house we had been painting, insulating, sanding, caulking, and putting together, Sonia, with a parting gift-a plaque with our signatures and words of love-and held hands and prayed with her.
I saw God in myself in different ways. I saw Him when I chastised myself for being frustrated with the onsite managers of the house, who were simply trying the best they could and were teaching all of us to the best of their abilities. I found God in myself, somewhat laughably, when I accepted the fact that I was just not cut out for using a hammer and nails, and that actually my true talents rested in lifting bales of insulation. I found Him when, each night after going to bed, I lay in my bunk bed and reflected on the day, and what His role had been. I found Him when, after hours of perseverance, I finished painstakingly caulking a room I had been working on all afternoon. I found Him when I put myself out there and opened myself up to getting to know all of the girls and making new friends.
All of these instances flashed through my head as Mrs. Lusch's lesson sprang to my mind and my seat jostled and jolted as we flew up I-75, heading home. I closed my eyes and savored the moment, just riding in that bus, with that group of girls, feeling the road vibrate my seat. I didn't want to forget it, but after a while I figured I should try to get some rest, since we had just finished a long week of hard work. Plus, there would be lots of boxes and bags to unload once we got back to Mercy.   

Looking Ahead to 2016-2017 School Year
Thursday, August 18, 2016 - iPad Orientation for all Freshwomen and Transfer Students. The Transfer Student Orientation will also be held this day. This day is mandatory for all freshmen and transfer students.
Friday, August 19, 2016 - Freshwomen Orientation with Link Crew and Marlin Business Day. Students will turn-in emergency verification and health forms, take school and ID photos, get parking passes, and order yearbooks. More details to come. Mandatory for all students.  
Monday, August 22, 2016 - Opening School Mass and Classes will begin for all grade levels. New Parent Orientation in the Auditorium, 6-7:30 p.m.
Friday, August 26th during 1st hour - Senior College Information Meeting


Friday, September 2 - NO SCHOOL


Thursday, September 8 - Parent Night, 6:30-9 p.m.


Thursday, September 22 to Friday, September 30 - Spirit Week
  • Make a Difference Day: Friday, September 23, this is mandatory for all students
  • Homecoming Dance: Sunday, September 25, 7-10 p.m.  
  • Mercy Day Mass: Tuesday, September 27
Further details about the full 2016-2017 school calendar will be shared and posted on the Mercy web site as information and dates are finalized. 

Transportation 2016-2017

Please review the 2016-17 Mercy Transportation information and required forms now available on mhsmi.org/contact/transportation.


Forms to Return

Please note these important dates: 
July 11 - Due date for bus requests. Please return the completed form to Mercy with your non-refundable deposit. Deposits will be returned only to those families requesting stops that we are unable to accommodate. If you do not send the deposit, your application for transportation will not be processed. A minimum of 10 riders, registered by July 11, is needed in order to maintain the current routes or establish new routes.
July 15 - Contact will be made with individuals whose Bus Stop Request is deemed impossible. If you do not hear from the transportation department by this date, you will receive a bus route in August.
August 1 - Finalized Bus Routes e-mailed with Bus Rules. Bus Passes will be distributed by drivers in exchange for completed Bus Rule signature sheet.     

Uniform Info

Mothers Club Used Uniform Donations Needed
The Mercy Mothers Club cleans and re-sells skirts, blouses, sweaters, quarter-zips and will be hosting their annual Used Uniform Sale on Friday, August 19th. More Used Uniform Sale day information coming soon.
Please bring your gently used uniform donations to the Mercy Reception Area by June 15th. Any questions, please email Laponda Davis, Trisha Martin, or Lisa Flynn.
2016 - 2017 School Year New Uniform Ordering Information
Mercy uses Educational Outfitters in Farmington as our exclusive uniform vendor. Uniforms may be purchased in the store as well as online here: http://detroit.educationaloutfitters.com/find-my-school/mercy-high-school/.
All are encouraged to go to the store for fitting and ordering.
Class of 2020 - blue / maroon plaid skirt, maroon quarter-zip and sweater
Class of 2019 - blue / green plaid skirt, navy blue quarter-zip and sweater
Class of 2018 - solid gray skirt, white quarter-zip and gray sweater
Class of 2017 - solid black skirt, black quarter-zip and sweater
Students will have the option to wear either a blouse or a polo, both come in long or short sleeve. Kilts, blouses, polos, and sweaters must be purchased from Educational Outfitters. Click here for more information. Quarter-zips must be purchased from the Marlin Shop.
Educational Outfitters
23317 Orchard Lake Road
Farmington, MI 48336

Yearbook Info
CLASS of 2017 Portraits - Seniors must have their yearbook photo taken at Prestige Portraits to be pictured in the yearbook and the class composite. Parents should have received a mailing from Prestige with special offers. If you did not receive the letter, please contact your local Prestige location for information. Seniors must be photographed by August 27th. 
YEARBOOK ADS - It's not too early to start planning your parent ad. Ads will be due November 11th and all materials must be turned in with payment. Ad order forms will be available in August.
2017 YEARBOOKS - Mark your calendars now! Guarantee your daughter's copy by ordering the yearbook early and save money as well. Staff will be taking orders on August 19th for $60. Online purchasing via www.yearbookordercenter.com will soon be available. Yearbook prices will increase to $70 after August 19th. 

Book Purchasing and Selling

All the information you need to make your daughter's book purchases, including any digital options, will be reflected on the Mercy Master Book List (MMBL), which will be posted as a live link later this summer here: mhsmi.org/curriculum/book-purchasing. Books will be available through Follett's Virtual Bookstore beginning August 2nd.

There is also buy back instructions for any parents or students interested in selling their used books online, go to FVB, scroll down and click on Sell Books. Follett's Book Buyback program is easy to use, providing free shipping.  

Make a Difference for Mercy Golf Outing

Save the date to join Mercy families and supporters at the Make a Difference for Mercy Golf Outing on Monday, September 26th. We are proud to announce the outing will be held at Fox Hills Classic Fox Course in Plymouth, which is owned by Mercy Alumnae Kathy Dul Aznavorian '64 and Sandy Dul Mily '74.

This is a great way to meet other Mercy parents, staff and supporters. Proceeds benefit Tuition Assistance and Athletics at Mercy.

If you have any questions, please contact Olivia Hanna at ohanna@mhsmi.org or 248.893.3535.          

Misc Info You Need to Know!

Mosaic Magazine - The spring issue of the Mercy Mosaic Magazine is in the mail! Look for features on #MakeMercyReal, Alumnae Class Notes and Advancing Mercy. 

Car Pool - The Mercy Car Pool list is emailed to all families in mid-June. If you wish to remove your family's information from the listing, please email Amy Iacobell at aiacobell@mhsmi.org.
Sweepstakes Winners - The Sweepstakes Drive was a huge success and all winning tickets were selected. Click here to see this year's list of winners.

Stay Connected - Be sure to visit mhsmi.org/tags/announcements for important school info.     

If you have any questions or want to submit information for the Mercy MEMO, please contact jhearle@mhsmi.org. Want even more? Click the school year calendar and the Mercy web site. And don't miss all of the latest Mercy In The News articles. Check out the current announcements and browse the home page links to see what's happening at Mercy.