June 2014

Wit's End . . . Notes from the Principal

This past week, the world lost a woman of substance. The voice of Maya Angelou was silenced when Ms. Angelou died at her home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She was 86.

What a magnificent life and career she had. She was an actor, poet, essayist, director, and producer of many plays, movies, and television programs. She received an incredible 30 honorary doctoral degrees. A prolific writer her entire life, she might be most famous for a series of seven autobiographies, the first of which, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, brought her international acclaim when it was published in 1969. From the moment I read that work, I became a fan. It was a book I enjoyed teaching and discussing with my ninth grade students for more than 20 years.

Ms. Angelou was a champion of women, young women, and a theme throughout her work was the importance of finding one's voice. She was encouraging, positive, outspoken, but always hopeful that the best was ahead. And she was joyous! No better way to close the school year than to share a few of her words to inspire every class of students at Mercy.

For the wonderful ninth grade class who has completed the introductory year of high school, remember that

"Nothing will work unless you do."

You have made the transition successfully and you have worked hard. You have also made some new friends. Look back at how you entered Mercy nine months ago and take pride in where you stand today.

For the tenth grade class, you have passed the halfway mark. Sophomore year was more difficult than your first year. You likely suffered some ups as well as some downs.

"We may encounter many defeats, but
we must not be defeated."

Keep your spirits alive. Don't let disappointment define you because you have many opportunities ahead.

For the eleventh grade class, you have a clear view of what remains. Seventy-five percent of high school is now in your rearview mirror. You've run 18 miles of the marathon and you're still standing.

"Whatever you want to do, if you want to be
great at it, you have to love it and be able to
make sacrifices for it."

You will experience such joy with your accomplishments next year.

And finally, to the graduating seniors, the Class of 2014, I offer two special quotations from Ms. Angelou.

"If you don't like something, change it.
If you can't change it, change your attitude."

You have, locked inside of you, many solutions to the world's current difficulties. Be courageous in adding your voice to the conversation. Continue to believe the hand you have in your own destiny.

"Life is going to give you just what you put in it.
Put your whole heart in everything you do, and
pray, then you can wait."

I wish God's blessings on every Mercy girl.


Mrs. Carolyn Witte, Principal

Mercy Moment of the Month


Sr. Emily George Award ~ Sarah HoffmanScholarship. Leadership. Service. Character. Excellence. The entire Mercy school community convened on May 22nd for the annual HONORS CONVOCATION to recognize all the stellar students of 2014. From math and science, service and scholarships, Newsprint and Lore yearbook, all were honored for their awesome achievements and a standing ovation to the seniors for a fabulous four years. Visit these links to see the full list of student awards: grades 9 - 11 and grade 12. Graduation photos coming soon!

  • Principal's Leadership Award ~ Bridget Carlson
  • Garn Griffin Athletics Award ~ Sam Bauer and Jordan Ewald
  • Salutatorians ~ Anjali Alangaden and Lindsay Hiser
  • Valedictorian ~ Teagan Dillon

Mothers Club

As the 2013-14 draws to a close, we would like to thank the outgoing board members: Jill Purtan Stone-President and Martha Williams-Secretary. The Mothers Club has enjoyed a productive year and we hope to keep the same positive energy moving forward into the 2014-15 school year. Our final event of the year will be the collaborative efforts of the Mothers Club and Dads Club at the New Parent Picnic on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at 6 PM in the cafeteria. We welcome all incoming Frosh and transfer parents to the Mercy High School community.

Welcome to the 2014-15 Board Members: Denise Iaquinta-President; Catherine McFarland-Vice President; Patty Sheridan-Secretary; Renee Lesko-Treasurer. We look forward to serving the Mothers Club and the Mercy community. Please refer to the Mercy Mothers Club web pages for all of the latest Mothers Club news and information. If you have any questions, we can also be reached at mercymomsclub@gmail.com. If you are interested in volunteering for MMC supported events throughout the year, please contact April Jackson at: acjaxsn2@aol.com.

Our first MMC meeting will be held on Monday, September 8, 2014, with social time at 6:30 PM in the cafeteria. The meeting will begin at 7 PM. MMC meetings are typically the first Mondays of each month, from September through May. Please join us and with your support and participation so we too can be “Women Who Make a Difference!"

Dads Club

Let's Golf! The Dads and Daughters Golf Outing will be held June 3 at 9:00am at Baypoint Golf Club in Commerce, MI. $55 per person and includes 9 holes of golf, lunch, gifts and prizes. This is a great way to wrap up the school year bonding with your daughter! To sign up or for more information call Jim Law 734-216-7929 or Tony Satori 734-674-4172.

THANKS for all the support this year in all of our Dads and Daughters events! Be sure to check out the Mercy Dads Club web pages throughout the summer for events and updates.

2014 Teacher of the Year and New Dean – Mrs. Eleasha Mercer Tarplin 94

Mercy High School is also proud to announce that Mrs. Eleasha Mercer Tarplin '94 is the new Dean of Student Affairs.Congratulations to Mercy Alumna and Math Teacher Mrs. Eleasha Mercer Tarplin ’94 on being named the Mercy High School 2014 Teacher of the Year. Here are some remarks by students who nominated Mrs. Tarplin, “She will work with you and explain things until you understand. She truly cares about her student,s and her teaching style seems effortless. Mrs. Tarplin is so genuine and easy to talk to.” Mrs. Tarplin has taught at Mercy for 7 years and will welcome her own daughter Elon as a freshwoman for the 2014 – 2015 school year.

Mrs. Tarplin is a Mercy graduate from the class of 1994. She has been a Math and Business teacher at Mercy since 2007 and was just awarded the 2014 Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Tarplin is deeply involved in many Mercy activities and committees including: Mercy AdvancED Review Team; Mercy Advisory Council; Senior Class Co-Moderator and Prom Coordinator; Co-Moderator of the Black Awareness Society for Education; Co-Adviser to the Business Professionals of America; Strategic Planning Committee and Alumnae Board Member. Mrs. Tarplin has a Bachelors of Business Administration from Xavier University and a Masters of Arts in the Teaching of Mathematics from University of Detroit Mercy. Prior to coming to Mercy she worked at the Academy for Business & Technology and Ford Motor Company. She will begin the position of Dean of Student Affairs July 1.

Mrs. Tarplin states, "Mercy has been a part of my life for many years, from student to teacher, and I am excited about this opportunity for a new role at Mercy. I look forward to being a part of the Adminstrative Team. I will serve as Dean embracing Human Dignity, Mercy, Justice, Service and Option for the Poor." Please join us in congratulating Mrs. Tarplin!

Let's Hear it for the STAFF!

This year we say a heartfelt goodbye to Dean of Students Ms. Jonell Linskey and Business Education Teacher Mrs. Lorrie Kusch.

Ms. Linskey has been "all about the students" for 47 years at Mercy. She thrives on working with the students, helping plan their activities and assume leadership roles. The Mercy values and Catherine McAuley are dear to Ms. Linskey and central to the way she approaches her job as Dean all these years. She has devoted her entire work life to Mercy, to its students, to the parents, to the community. Thank you, Ms. Linskey, you have made an indelible mark on Mercy High School!

Mrs. Kusch is retiring after 42 years of love, laughter and service to Mercy. She has taught business classes, computer and tech classes, accounting, life skills and has been senior class moderator since the 80's. The students find her to be wonderfully attentive and reassuring. Mrs. Kusch is such a supportive member of the Mercy family and has made a mark on dozens of classes and thousands of students. Thank you, Mrs. Kusch, for your dedication!

5 Years: Joe Gerardi, Terese Gibb, Gary Morris, Patty Perry

10 Years: Carolyn Arlen, Steve Morgan, Pat Scheid

15 Years: Cheryl Corte, Ann Jamieson

20 Years: Katy Koskela, Georganne Salvia

25 Years: Isy Rodriguez, Susan Smith

Here's to these super staff who achieved a milestone in serving Mercy High School!

Kudos to Associate Principal, Mr. Larry Baker who will be presenting on June 29 at the 2014 ISTE Conference in Atlanta, GA. His topic will be Becoming a Digital School Administrator.

Mrs. Lorrie Kusch competed in the Boyne Highlands Downhill race back in late March for the second year since a total knee replacement. She placed 2nd in the women's 60+ age class and was clocked at 31 mph. Tom Gable, the Mercy Ski Coach, who had a total knee replacement in August, also competed. He won the men's 60+ age class and was clocked at 55 mph. Their motto is "never too old!"




English Teacher Mrs. Jan Mordenski (pictured third from left) is one of the inaugural members of the Charles Crupi Society, a distinguished group of high school teachers who have devoted themselves to the teaching of Creative Writing and whose students have, over the past twenty years, gone on to win recognition as outstanding high school writers. Mrs. Mordenski was one of the women honored at a program in April at Albion. Honorees briefly spoke about the merits of studying creative writing and what it offers to students in the twenty-first century and their students read the poems that merited them prizes in this year's Crupi Competition.

Student Successes ~ APPLAUSE!! APPLAUSE!!

Read The Best of this year's ART & POETRY Compilation Image Is 2014!

Outstanding poets in the Farmington Libraries Poetry Writing Contest! Congratulations to Lainey Gossett whose writing won her first place and Christine Edwards whose writing merited her second place. Both of these girls will receive cash prizes from the Farmington Libraries Poetry Writing Contest and both will read from their work at the downtown library later this month.




Freshman Katherine Colleran ’17 received a Perfect Score on the National Latin Exam. She is one of only eight students in the state of Michigan to receive this honor. This is a particularly outstanding accomplishment for a freshman. Congratulations, Katherine!

YEARBOOK AWARDS- The Lore staff of last year's 2013 yearbook "All About You" were honored at the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association held April 22nd in Lansing. The staff received recognition nearly all of the categories it entered. This book was also selected as a First-Class book with two marks of distinction by the National Scholastic Press Association and given a silver award by MIPA. Winners included:Newsprint's editor-in-chief, Anjali Alangaden is this year's Detroit News/CATCH scholarship winner in the journalism category! Anjali will be attending the University of Michigan in the fall.

  • Honorable Mention for Feature Writing: Kelly Langan '14
  • First Place for Sports Reporting: Molly O'Sullivan '13
  • Second Place for Sports Feature Writing: Molly O'Sullivan '13
  • Honorable Mention for Sports Feature Writing: Patricia Wallace '14
  • Honorable Mention for Academic Writing: Carly Schneider '13
  • Honorable Mention for Organizations Writing: Carly Schneider '13
  • Honorable Mention for Personality Profile: Rosemary Arthur '14
  • Third Place for Sidebar Writing: Molly O'Sullivan '13
  • Second Place and Honorable Mention for Student Life Spread: Lore Staff (2 different entries)
  • Honorable Mention for Sports Spread: Lore Staff
  • Honorable Mention for Advertising Spread: Lore Staff
  • Third Place for Individual Advertisement: Lore Staff
  • 2 Honorable Mentions for Graphics: Kelly Langan '14 (2 different entries)
  • Honorable Mention for Sports Feature Photo: Mary Fredendall '13
  • Second Place for Photo Illustration: Amy Bodien '13
  • Honorable Mention for Academic Photo: Laura Hatty '13 and Mary Fredendall '13 (2 different entries)
  • Honorable Mention for Club Performance Photo: Shannon Brambs '13
  • Honorable Mention for School Spirit Photo: Christine Edwards '14

Congratulations to the 17 girls who advanced to the Grand National Forensics Tournament held over Memorial Day weekend:

  • Oral Interpretation:
    • Maureen McGough
    • Cassidy Connolly
  • Dramatic Duo:
    • Kate Soave and Jacqueline Welday
    • Annie Leuker and Asha McElroy
  • Dramatic Performance:
    • Amelia Fanelli
    • Amelia Dahmer
    • Madeline Flynn
  • Oratorical Declamation:
    • Caitlin Delevie
    • Theresa Benton
    • Katie Johnstone
  • Original Oratory:
    • Phoenix Dempster
    • Blair Cha
    • Katie Baird
  • Extemporaneous Speaking:
    • Lana Grasser
    • Kelsey Ellis

Habitat for Humanity - Reflection from Kelsey Ellis '14

Easter Sunday morning, we piled into our vehicles with little expectation or idea of what may happen. Even though we were daunted by the near eight hour drive, spirits were high. Communal living was one of the focuses of our stay. Had I not spent that time in such close quarters, I would have never had the opportunity to learn one of the other girls and I have a particular love for John Snow from the popular book series Game of Thrones, or that one of my Mercy Sisters participated and was quite successful in Destination Imagination Competitions. These fascinating discoveries are only two of many moments that brought the entire group closer together.I could have never guessed that my senior year Spring Break would have become such a memorable week. Sure, my time wasn’t spent at beaches or curling up with a good book, but there was something about that week that I can hardly express in words. Often times, the best experiences cannot be explained simply. 15 seniors Teagan Dillon, Bridget Carlson, Sydney Hembree, Kelsey Fisher, Kelsey Ellis, Dani Abboud, Kate Anderson, Julia Rettig, Dana DeFrain, Haley Gold, Shannon Manz, Lauren Melanson, Nicole Skandalaris, Katherine Rzpecki, and Eileen Pawlik, all took the trek south. Under no circumstance would I change my choice to go on Alternative Spring Break and work with Habitat for Humanity.

Waking up at 7:30am, we were working by 9:00. Our team of fifteen girls and three chaperones, Mercy Service Learning Coordinator Judi Griggs-Dennis, her daughter Sara and Ms. Carol Dillon, worked at four different sites. These included; The Berea Restoration House, The Habitat ReStore, the Cochran House, and the future home of single dad John and his 4 year old daughter Daisy.

The Berea Restoration was located in a Habitat owned community. The house was in major need of some rehab so it could be resold. After working there for two days, Mercy High contributed to shining up the home like a new penny. Meanwhile, some of our girls spent their time at the ReStore. The revenue from the ReStore is another way for Habitat to raise funds their projects. Relying mainly on donations, the Restore sells paint, furniture, building supplies, and home décor at discount pricing. The ReStore is the unsung hero of Habitat for Humanity. Mercy High took on a vital role at the ReStore organizing, cleaning, and repurposing. Girls organized and sorted paint that was donated, deconstructed bulky crates, and sorted scrap metal which Habitat can sell for funds. Two highlights were the repurposing of a 7’x5.5’window, originally covered in an ugly green paint and a slew of animal droppings and spiders webs; two girls spent hours cleaning and repainting this window nearly quadrupling its value. Additionally, a group of girls repainted a crate as a gift from Mercy High to use as an example for how these crates can be upcycled.

At the Cochran House, the site was nearly completed. Small jobs that were a huge help were issued to Mercy High. Ron Cochran, the future owner of the home, was a roofer his entire life. One Mercy senior was lucky enough to be taught how to nail in shingles from the master himself. Two girls become skilled at using wall caulk. Another group of students blew insulation into the attic of the home. Thanks to Mercy two weeks after we left the Cochran house was dedicated and Ron and his wife Marsha were given the key. Two girls even took time to entirely reorganize the tool truck used by the construction manager. Their work was so thorough, they even included an organizational map of the truck contents.

The last site was located just around the corner from the Cochran House and required some of the greatest brute force. Located down the road is a warehouse used by Habitat for Humanity. Once an old Tobacco Mill, it is now used for winter construction work and storage. One day, a large group of us moved walls from the warehouse onto the back of a truck to take over to what will be John and Daisy’s home.

We, in large and small groups, came together to create something that would ultimately change someone else’s life. However, I found that we Mercy Girls did not only change the lives of others, we changed our own lives in the process. A realization I found after taking the annual hike to the Natural Bridge. Anyone who hikes to the Natural Bridge and looks out on the vast expanse under the scenic view from that top would agree that it is truly a miracle. As technology seems to find a way to worm itself into every aspect of life, being in such a naturally beautiful place simply takes your breath away.

Analyzing what we had completed and gone through that week, we found the hard work we had done was similar to carrying our emotional burdens, yet in a physical sense. The liberation and pride felt at the end of a hard day carried satisfaction. Our nirvana at the campsite entirely encompassed what the trip meant; the ability to help others is the ultimate task to enrich the soul. By serving others, we in the end served and saved ourselves.

~ Kelsey Ellis ‘14

French Honor Society

The French Honor Society welcomed 24 new members at the annual induction banquet on May 6 held at St. Mary’s Cultural Center in Livonia. 150 enthusiastic Francophiles enjoyed a delicious French dinner, which was prepared from authentic French recipes by the chef Andre. The newest members are: Kaitlyn Brown, Ally Coklow, Lucy Devine, Kathryn Dunleavy, Sarah Dwyer, Emily Garchow, Anne Maire Giroux, Athena Golematis, Colleen Hadley, J’Laina Harvey, Lauryn Haucher, Kristen Hiser, Julia Kirby, Hannah Leski, Emma Mason, Cari Padula, Courtney Peterson, Sarah Posa, Monique Ross, Carmela Sleva, Alana Sullivan, Kara Wallace and Anna Zoulek.

The following students received academic and service awards for their commitment to the study of the French language and culture: Lindsay Hiser received the American Association of Teachers of French Outstanding Senior Award and Medal of Excellence; Katharine Baird received the Northeast Conference Certificate of Excellence in French and Daniell Abboud received the Michigan World Language Outstanding Student in French Award; Five students received a certificate for maintaining a 4.0 in 7 semester of French: Danielle Abboud, Katharine Baird, Cassidy Connolly, Lindsay Hiser and Christa Greenwood.

The French Honor Society of Mercy High School named Kathryn Dunleavy, Member of the Year for her outstanding service to the French Honor Society during this past school year. These following students also received Service Certificates for their exceptional service to the Honor Society: Mariam Aoun, Katharine Baird, Mikayla Benton, Emily Binienda, Rebecca Broniak, Anne Marie Giroux, Adrian Haddad, Lindsay Hiser, Whitney Jentkins, Winifred Karoub, Dana Labuda, Victoria Padula, and Morgan Pfaff. The French Club of Mercy High School also honored the following students for their outstanding leadership in the club with certificates of outstanding service: Madison Denomme, Phoenix Dempster, Clara Pilchak, Morgan Pfaff, Anna Zoulek, Ayah Bakri, and Ashley Yangouyian.

Music Notes

The Mercyaires performed in a High School Jazz Showcase with St. Mary's Prep and Harper Woods Jazz Bands on May 14th. The concert was at Oakland University's Varner Hall and featured original arrangements of Mercyaire songs backed by St. Mary's Jazz Ensemble. Click here for video attached of a portion of "Fever" arranged by St. Mary Jazz Ensemble director, Joshua James. Seniors Megan Bowers and Elena Flores were featured soloists. The Mercyaires also traveled to Cedar Point to participate in the Cedar Point Choral Festival. The music department presented its spring concert, titled "Spring Awakening." The concert featured Glee 1, The Mercyaires, Mercy Orchestra, and the St. Mary's Jazz Ensemble.

The 2014-2015 Student Council

The students have spoken, the ballots have been counted, and the 'vote for me' posters pulled down. Time to congratulate these elected officers for the 2014 - 15 school year.

Student Council Officers:

  • President - Taylor Babcock
  • Vice President - Sierra Wangler
  • Secretary - Brooke Ottaway
  • Treasurer - Abby Rosler

Class of 2015

  • President - Ogechi Nwaopara
  • Vice President - Emily Gates
  • Secretary - Kaela Brown
  • Treasurer - Molly Murphy
  • Class Rep - Darby Horne
  • HRC - Sarah Carlson, Nicole DiPonio, Jillian Jennings, Bridget Lyons

Class of 2016

  • President - Kristen Hiser
  • Vice President - Arin Bell
  • Secretary - Miranda Konja
  • Treasurer - Salwa Hammoud
  • Class Rep - Sloan Horejsi
  • HRC - Blair Cha, Anne Marie Giroux, Hailey Goran, Carmela Sleva

Class of 2017

  • President - Sophie VanAcker
  • Vice President - Jasmine Williams
  • Secretary - Mallory Demeter
  • Treasurer - Kennedy Kuffner
  • Class Rep - Natalie Forster
  • HRC -Indya Hood, Ciara Lopus, Molly Lyons, Brooklyn Rue, Janice Smith

Tech Talk

Class of 2014 - Now that you will no longer be attending school here at Mercy, CLICK HERE for instructions on how to uninstall all of the Mercy related software on your tablet that you will no longer need. Of course, make sure you do this after you no longer need your tablet here at school. It is not required that you remove this software, but it may make it easier to use your tablet in other environments if you plan to do so. Your Moodle, and network login accounts, as well as the contents of your H: drive will be deleted after August 1st, 2014. If you want to keep the contents of your H: drive please back it up to either your laptop hard drive, a personal cloud based account (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive) or other external device. Your Mercy Google Account will also be deleted after 8/1/2014. All email and any files you have uploaded to your Mercy Google drive will be deleted. If you wish to transfer any of your content here is a link to Google Takeout which will allow you to download a copy of most of your content. Also if you have created any accounts on other sites or cloud based services (Dropbox, Box, etc.) using your Mercy email address you may want to change those accounts to use a personal email address instead.

Mercy iPad Package - We are now taking orders for the 2014 - 2015 Mercy iPad Package. Click here for details and to order your Mercy iPad package.

IT Summer Hours - The IT Department is open from 8:30 - 2:00 during the summer. Please contact Mr. Gary Bank at gtbank@mhsmi.org or 248-893-3522 to schedule an appointment. Keep up to date with all Mercy IT related info at our blog. http://it.mhsmi.org/.

Latest and Greatest from the Alumnae Office

See photos at mhsmi.org/alumnae/tea_tuition/2014. Mark your calendar for next year’s Tea, Sunday, April 26, 2015.MERCY MOMS AND DADS played a big part in the success of the 10th Annual Tea for Tuition on April 13th. Whether you donated a gift, hosted a table, attended, served on the planning committee, or volunteered (and braved the heat of a sweltering day), the Alumnae Board thanks you! We set a record for attendance and raised $22,000 for the Alumnae Association Tuition Assistance Fund.

BOOK PURCHASING INFO for the 2014-2015 School Year

Mercy staff has worked hard to provide a comprehensive list of books that are needed for the 2014-2015 school year! Since we have a dual learning environment (iPad & HP tablet), you’ll notice options for purchasing your daughter's textbooks, iBooks, eText or eBook bundle. All format options are reflected on Mercy's Master Book List known as the MMBL.

Follett continues to partner with Mercy, offering free delivery for textbooks through Follett's Virtual Bookstore (FVB) from August 1 -15th. Once your daughter's 2014-2015 school schedule goes live in PowerSchool (early August), go to Mercy's homepage under Book Purchasing. There you'll find additional book information, updates and links to the MMBLThe MMBL is your daughter's go-to-resource that reflects the books and format options by department, as well as teacher comments.

To help facilitate your daughter's book purchases, links to Follett's Virtual Bookstore VBS is also found on Mercy's homepage. You will be notified by email of any book updates. Any changes that occur during the summer will be reflected on the MMBL as well as Follett's VBS.

USED BOOK SALE - Mark your calendar with the following dates for the Used Book Sale (2014-2015 school year) to be held in the Cafeteria:

  • August 5th used book turn-in from 9-12 for all classes
  • August 6th is the Used Book Sale from 9-12 for all classes
  • August 8th pick up date for unsold books
More information to follow! Used Book Co-Chairs: Kim Kozaczynski KimLkoz@mi.rr.com and Nancy Lachner pnlachner@comcast.net.

Give me an M, give me an E, give me an R, give me a C, give me a Y

More Mercy Seniors Sign Sports Scholarships!

Congrats to these senior athletes who signed scholarships to play a sport in college (listed back row, left to right): Lauren Jackson – Figure Skating, Michigan State University; Alysa Graf – Golf, Adrian College; Kelli McDonald – Volleyball, Adrian College; Lauren Melanson – Bowling, Aquinas College; Hayley Caddell  Bowling, Rochester College (MI); Shelbi Hines – Track & Field; Western Michigan University; Tyler Parlor – Basketball, Oberlin College; Allie Gorcyca – Basketball, Hope College. Jaclyn Ruffolo - Volleyball, Eastern Michigan University.

SCORE! Softball has been hitting it big and are repeat Catholic League Champions! Tennis served their way to Regional Champs! Check out studentandathlete.com for plenty of Marlin sports coverage and Mercy In The News web page for a ton of athletics articles.

Physicals and Schedules - Any physical you get now (after 4/15/2014) will be valid for 2014-15. Don't wait, get your physical and turn in your Physical and Athletic forms to Kate Scalzi before summer break. Fall Sports schedules (except Golf) are available on the team pages and on the Mercy Athletic Calendar. These schedules may be adjusted, but you can start planning now.

Fall Sport Registration - You MUST register to participate in a fall Sport (Cross Country, Equestrian, Field Hockey, Golf, Swimming & Diving, & Volleyball). Make it easy; just scan and email your Physical and Forms (forms can be filled out on your iPad/Tablet). Do it now and beat the rush. You can register either of two ways for Fall Sports:

  • In person Aug 11, 9 am-1 pm, in the Gym, bring all forms including physical
  • E-mail April 15- Aug. 1 and mail or scan/email forms including physical.

Counseling Corner

CLASS of 2015 FALL COLLEGE APPLICATION MEETING - The Counseling Office suggests your daughter begin over this summer familiarizing herself with college applications that she plans to complete. From our experience, we know that students will have many questions about the application process once they start looking at the actual forms and the application requirements listed on the college's website. A separate informational email will be sent to junior students regarding the Common Application Essay Questions for the Class of 2015 and things to consider when asking a teacher for a letter of recommendation. Every year we hold a mandatory meeting with seniors to walk them through the "how to's" of completing their applications. We will also be explaining how students will use Navience to make application and transcript requests. Please save the date for the mandatory senior college information meeting Thursday, August 28th. The meeting will take place during the school day from 8:10 - 9:20 AM in the Mercy Auditorium. Parents are invited to attend this presentation. In addition, we will be offering informal opportunities for students and parents to drop in and meet with the counselors to answer and assist with college application related questions on Thursdays during the month of September. Exact dates and times will be shared at a later date.

Naviance: Family Connection - The Counseling Office is pleased to introduce Family Connection from Naviance, a Web-based college planning resource designed especially for students and families. Family Connection is a comprehensive resource that you and your daughter can use to help in making post-secondary plans. At present, students in the classes of 2015 and 2016 have registered and logged on to this resource. Counselors met with sophomore students in early May and introduced the girls to a number of the key college planning features of the site.

INVEST IN MERCY GIRLS at the 24th Annual Make a Difference for Mercy Golf Outing!

Monday, September 22, 2014

8:00 am Registration ~ 9:00 am Shotgun Start ~ 2:00 pm Lunch
Western Golf and Country Club ~ Redford, MI

There are several ways to support this event:

Sponsor! Sponsorship opportunities range from $200 to $5,000.

Donate! Donations of golfer prizes or gifts are welcome.

Golf! Registration is $150 per golfer and includes breakfast, cart & green fees, two drink tickets, lunch and invaluable networking with the Mercy community.

Proceeds support Tuition Assistance and Athletics. Last year 136 Mercy supporters golfed to benefit Tuition Assistance and Athletics at Mercy! Don't miss your chance to connect with other Mercy families - reserve your spot today!


CLASS of 2015 Portraits - Seniors must have their yearbook photo taken at Prestige Portraits to be pictured in the yearbook and the class composite. Parents should have received a mailing from Prestige with special offers. If you did not receive the letter, please contact your local Prestige location for information. Seniors must be photographed by September 6th.

YEARBOOK ADS - It's not too early to start planning your parent ad. Ads will be due November 7 and all materials must be turned in with payment. Click here to download the order formOnline purchase and design of the senior ad is also available now via www.yearbookordercenter.com. Please select Order Number 13826.

2015 YEARBOOKS - Mark your calendars now! Guarantee your daughter's copy by ordering the yearbook early and save money as well. Online purchase of the yearbook as well as additional accessories via www.yearbookordercenter.com is now available. Yearbooks start at $60. Please select Order Number 13826. Staff will also be taking orders at the Used Book Sale in August as well as October 6-10 in school for $60. The price will increase in November and December.

MNotes . . . miscellaneous info you need to know!

Bus Request Form - It's time to start planning transportation for the 2014 - 2015 school year. Visit TRANSPORTATION web page for route request form, schedule, rules for bus service. Please note that the request forms must be returned by July 1st.
Used Uniforms: Sophomores and Seniors bring their clean, used uniforms to the reception area so that the Mothers Club can arrange to re-sell them. Washing and/or dry cleaning the items is most appreciated. Mothers Club asks for donated skirt hangers as well.

CAR POOL - The Mercy Car Pool List is emailed to all families in mid-June. If you wish to remove your family's information from the listing, please e-mail Maureen Weiss at mpweiss@mhsmi.org.

Home Stay Program Opportunity for Mercy Families - Green Planet's home stay program has partnered with Mercy High School and is offering an incredible opportunity to families in Farmington Hills and the surrounding areas. If you are interested in making a positive impact on the life of an international student and live within 30 minutes of Farmington Hills, you may want to consider becoming a host family. Host families will receive a monthly stipend of $800 and have access to 24/7 support from local Residential Coordinators who can help with coordinating meeting your student upon arrival, keeping you connected with the school community, and mediating issues if they arise. Students come with their own insurance and spending money and stay for the academic year. Do you know someone who might be interested in hosting a student? For every approved host family that lists you as a reference on their application, you will be rewarded a $150 referral bonus.

Mercy Mobile APP - Stay up to date with Mercy on the go! The Mercy High School mobile App is ready for download to your smartphone or mobile device. Simply search "Mercy High School" in your App store.

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Looking Ahead to the 2014 - 2015 School Year

Mark your calendar for these important start dates and meetings for next school year. Be sure to visit mhsmi.org often to browse the entire academic school life calendar.

Event Date / Time Location
Used Uniform and Book Sale August 6 Cafe
New Student and Transfer Student Tech Intro August 15 MHS
Ninth Grade Orientation August 18 MHS

Classes Begin All Students

Opening School Mass

August 19 MHS
Senior College Information Meeting

August 28

8:10am - 9:20am

NO SCHOOL (Labor Day Weekend) August 29 - Sept 1  
Parent Night Sept 4  
Make a Difference for Mercy Golf Outing Sept 22 Western Golf & Country Club

The MEMO will return to your inbox in September. If you have any questions or want to submit information contact jhearle@mhsmi.org. Want even more? Click the school year calendar and the Mercy web site. And don't miss all of the latest Mercy In The News articles. Check out the current announcementsview past issues of the MEMO newsletter, and browse the home page links to see what's happening at Mercy.

Your Giving Story

Help a girl develop her faith, acquire leadership skills, and find her voice in an academically superior environment. Please consider making a donation to Mercy. Then share your giving story using this link. Your gift always makes a difference.