Mercy Mimes


The Mercy Mimes was established in 1990 as an extracurricular activity of the Performing Arts Department. Mercy Mimes are sophomores, juniors and seniors who have auditioned for the troupe after taking the intermediate-level acting class Acting II or who have had major acting experience in a Mercy production and are scheduled for Acting II and Oral Interpretation. In the school year that Actor’s Workshop is offered, all Mercy Mimes should be enrolled in the class. The troupe entertains for both school functions and community events. Mercy Mimes have performed for Mercy Open Houses, Mercy’s annual Auction, area elementary schools, senior citizen homes, charity events in the metro-Detroit area and community parties.


  • All rehearsals and performances are mandatory unless there is an exceptional reason.
  • All mimes buy their own costume which consists of jazz pants, mime tee shirt, red bow tie, red suspenders, black bowler hat, white gloves and black jazz shoes.
  • Rehearsals are held every Friday 2:45-4:15 p.m.

Mercy Mimes for the 2018-2019 school year:

Avalon Barr
Elly Bryant
Emily Casalou
Yana Ebbing
Isabelle Fanning
Olivia Fras
Rachel Glowinski
Julia Hominga
Maddie Keuten
Kylie Kreucher
Emma Pickett