The Performing Arts Department offers a full four-year program in theater arts and vocal and instrumental music. The serious drama student who plans to pursue theater in college has the opportunity to avail herself to a core of structured classes while giving all students the opportunity to grow in confidence through a variety of performing and technical activities. Likewise, the student of music may study voice and/or instrumental music for four years. The courses include:

Speech is a graduation requirement of all freshmen, focuses on the art of presentation through a variety of public speaking experiences.

Acting I lays out the fundamentals of acting for the beginner in theater. The emphasis is on group work, culminating in a scene study for analysis.

Acting II is an intermediate level acting class that assumes knowledge of basic terms. The focus is on individual growth as an actor, learning how to develop a character.

Actor’s Workshop is an advanced level acting class that assumes not only a working knowledge of terms, but also experience in performance. The focus is on ensemble performance as students learn how to produce a children’s play and take it on the road.

Directing teaches all aspects and responsibilities of the director in the production process. Students choose and direct one act plays for “A Festival of One Acts.”

Theater Production presents an overview of technical theater and gives students an understanding of “behind the scenes” workings of a production.

Oral Interpretation examines the dramatic interpretation of literature in the categories of storytelling, prose, poetry, dramatic duo, and dramatic performance. The exploration of three public speaking types is included.

Broadcasting is designed to acquaint students not only with the workings of a radio and television studio, but also with knowledge of computer video editing.

Glee I is the entry level choir that concentrates on vocal technique, basic music theory and sight-reading skills and choral music in unison, 2 and 3 parts. Emphasis in the fall semester is on the Pizza, Jams and Jeans and the Christmas Concert in the fall semester and the Spring Concert during the spring semester.

Advanced Glee builds on the skills taught in Glee I and furthers student's choral and sight reading skills with 3 and 4 part music.  Students in Advanced Glee perform at Pizza, Jams and Jeans in the fall semester and Choral Festival and the Spring Concert during the spring semester.

Mercyaires is an auditioned ensemble that performs both show and concert pieces at various events around the school and community. Students who have taken either Glee I or Advanced Glee may audition in March for the following year. More information on the Mercyaires can be found here:

Orchestra is open to students of all grade levels who have an intermediate playing ability and can read music. The orchestra performs for school concerts and individual students may audition to perform in the pit of the spring musical.

Set Design is an advanced technical theater class designed to strengthen designing skills using computer software and 3D modeling.
Video Production is an advanced communications class designed to further skills in storyboarding, camera work and video editing.

The Performing Arts Department suggests the following program:

For the theater student:

  • Freshman Year: Speech, Acting I, Acting II
  • Sophomore Year: Theater Production and Oral Interpretation
  • Junior Year: Actor’s Workshop or Directing and Set Design and Broadcasting
  • Senior Year: Directing or Actor’s Workshop and Set Design, Video Production

For the music student:

  • Freshman Year: Glee I or Orchestra
  • Sophomore Year: Glee I, Advanced Glee, Mercyaires (by audition)  or Orchestra
  • Junior Year: Advanced Glee, Mercyaires (by audition)  or Orchestra
  • Senior Year: Advanced Glee, Mercyaires or Orchestra