The Mercyaires are the top performing vocal ensemble at Mercy High School that was established in 1961. The Mercyaires have performed throughout the Metro-Detroit area at community and charity events, elementary schools, senior homes, and for school activities, including Open House and the annual Auction. The Mercyaires perform both show pieces and concert music and work with a choreographer during a week of summer camp. The Mercyaires consistently earn top ratings at District and State Solo & Ensemble Festival and Choral Festival. The group consists of sophomores, juniors and seniors who audition in March for the following school year.

2017-18 Mercyaires
Alaina Beshi, '19 
Gabrielle Byrnes, '18
Cara Forfinski, '18
Nathalie Gijsbers, '19 
Caitlin Griffin, 20 
Bridget Hardigan, '18
Elinor Harrison, '20 
Emma Horvath, '18 
Marisa Kaddis, '18 
Kylie Kreucher, '19 
Celia McGrath, '18 
Alana O’Donnell, '18 
Nicole Proctor, '18 
Ainsley Ramirez, '19 
Ryann Rapson, '18 
Anna Sauer, '20
April Seilo, '18
Cayla Stus, '20 
Grace Velthoven, '20 

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Check out the 2017 Holiday Extravaganza with show-stopping Mercyaires numbers held at the Costick Center!

Listen to the Mercyaires perform the National Anthem.

Listen to the direct download to hear the Mercyaires perform "Ave Maria."

For further information or to schedule the Mercyaires for a community event, please contact:

Rebekah Ferguson:  Vocal Teacher, Mercyaires Director, Spring Musical Vocal and Music Director and Conductor, Tri-M Music Honor Society Director: 248-893-3573.




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