The Counseling Office has hosted some informational webinars to provide additional support for our parents and students. 

Financial Aid Presentations

The core 60-minute workshop is designed to shed light on the financial reality of going to college and help families gain greater understanding of the financial aid process.  Presenter Bob Hoger, a Certified College Planning Specialist with Michigan College Funding, will give an overview of the financial aid process; discuss the different types of aid, which includes scholarships; and will cover how to apply for financial aid. 

Additionally, Mr. Hoger offers a 20-minute presentation that focuses on borrowing money for college.

Mercy Parent Support Webinar

"Acknowledging and Empowering: Transforming Parent Grief through COVID-19"
By Dr. Timothy Hogan

Held May 14, 2020 and addressed the following:

As the coronavirus pandemic has shut down our planet, parents are facing a unique and intense sequence of losses. We explore creative and skillful ways for parents to acknowledge, grieve and transform these losses so that we can, together, empower ourselves and our children. Content is applicable and customized to all Mercy families, and will also address some of the potential milestone losses specific to our senior parents.

Join Dr. Timothy Hogan, co-author of How to Find the Help You Need, a guide to psychotherapy and spiritual direction. Dr. Hogan teaches at Sacred Heart Major Seminary and works in private practice in Plymouth, MI. He is the former Director of the Grace Counseling Center in Detroit. Includes Q & A session.

We know how much you as parents are doing for others. We hope you will be able to participate in this informative session that will provide tools to acknowledge your needs through these challenging times. 

Click here for recorded webinar Mercy Parent Support.

Parent College Application Information Webinar

Much valuable information was shared at the recent College Application Webinar. Please find listed below the links to the webinar recording and Senior Parent Guide for your future reference, whether you were able to attend or not.  
Remember college application and choice is a journey - not a checklist. While there is a "to-do" component, it is also very deeply rooted in discernment - in a process. The central question for seniors, "who do you want to be in this world, and how does this school help you get there?"   
Access Passcode: WQ4YU4#U
As you have your weekly check-ins with your senior, use this guide to help facilitate the conversation.

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