Freshwoman Retreat

Dear Freshwoman Parents / Guardians:
Please note the following information was sent to all Freshwomen in regards to the upcoming retreat day on Wednesday, October 10th.
Campus Ministry welcomes you to Mercy High School! Hopefully you are becoming more familiar with our Mercy Community and ready to identify your gifts and talents.  On October 10th you will be taking part in the Freshwoman Retreat. It is an all-day retreat held at Mercy on the Wednesday morning the sophomores and juniors are testing (you will be with Campus Ministry from 8:00 am - 11:45 am).


The entire Class of 2022 will gather together for a presentation by APeX Youth Ministries who present the Gospel in a fun and fresh way. The activities and presentations encourage you to see what gifts God has given you and to think how you can use these gifts at Mercy and beyond. This retreat is the foundation of Mercy's four-year retreat program.
The details of the upcoming mandatory retreat are as follows:
Where: Mercy Auditorium / Gymnasium / Lobby Area
When: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 from 8:00am-2:30pm
Timeline of Events: All Freshwomen report to the Lobby to sign-in by 8:00am. The Spiritual Retreat will run 8:00am-11:45am. You will then have lunch followed by a Diversity Retreat hosted by Mercy Link Crew from 11:45am-2:30pm.
What to wear: Jeans and other appropriate casual dress are allowed, no shorts or leggings.
Lunch: PLEASE PACK A LUNCH FROM HOME. The Cafeteria will not be open.
Optional: APeX Ministries have T-shirts that they bring and sell to help fund their ministry. The shirts cost around $20 and are completely optional. They also have buttons that help support their family ministry for $1.50.
This is a fun morning where we have seniors coming to assist with the retreat. They enjoyed themselves as Freshwomen and want to experience APEX Ministries once again this time with you. We look forward to a great day!
Mrs. Dennis and Mr. Klueg
Spiritual Retreat Leaders, Campus Ministry Team
Mrs. Trish Brown and Sara McGavin
Diversity Retreat Leaders, Mercy Link Crew Team