Photos & Yearbooks

SCHOOL PHOTOS - During Marlin Business Day Monday, August 20th

Please watch for your personalized August Picture Day flier regarding school portraits which have been mailed to your home from HR Imaging Partners. Do not throw this form away, even if you are not planning on making a portrait purchase. The pre-printed envelope portion of the flyer is used as a camera card for all students. All students must be photographed regardless of whether or not you are purchasing a portrait package. The photo is used for a number of purposes including school records, the student ID, and yearbook so it is essential that students be appropriate in look and dress.

Sending this envelope with your student on picture day will expedite the process for your student and help keep lines moving. You can order picture packages ahead of registration with a credit card by going to: or calling customer service at (800) 433-1766. Send cash or check orders in the envelopes provided.  Late orders for picture packages collected after registration do incur a $5.00 late fee for shipping and handling.  Retakes will be available during the school year if you are not happy with the photo taken during registration.

Once again, regardless of how you order a picture packages or do not order at all; please send the preprinted envelope with your student on picture day.


Yearbook orders begin August 13, 2018. Yearbooks will be available for $60 through August 20, Marlin Business Day before increasing to $70. Yearbook ads will be available online as well. using the school code 13826

All members of the Class of 2019 should make an appointment with Prestige Portraits for their yearbook photo. Appointment slots book quickly and this needs to be completed by September 22nd.