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Accent on Mercy Alumnae Podcasts

We are proud to announce the launch of "Accent on Mercy Alumnae," a podcast series proudly bringing you voices of Mercy graduates.

In each broadcast, host Larry Baker, Apple Distinguished Educator and Associate Principal of Mercy, interviews an alumna who is making a difference in her walk of life. Popular topics include career paths, volunteerism, leadership, and the Mercy High School Difference.

Check out interviews with Linda Holliday '75,  Kimberly Morrison Wilber-Mader ’77, Denise Giroux Wood '79, Joanie Davidson Forfinksi '84, Peg Kelley '84, Lynn Margherio '84, Amy Radabaugh Hollyfield '88, Crystal Caruana Sullivan '88, Judi Rosowski Engel '91, Maureen Paulin Stocklein '91, Amy Sill Iacobell '93, Patience Atkin Jones '93, Tracie Laird Krawczyk ’93, Maggie Janes Lucas '93, Kelly Stirling McSweeney '93, Cari Curtiss Marino '95, Brandi Barton '98, Emily Thompson Summerhays '98, Nadia Khoury MD '99, Linda Karbo '01, Julie Jackoes Koehler '01, Julia Siciliano Trevino '01, Monisha Berkowski '04, Bridget O'Donnell '05, Jennifer Paxton '08, Erin Kirkland '10, Gabriela Santiago-Romero '10, and Amy Nabozny '12.

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